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Website www.zed.run
Registrar domain GoDaddy.com, LLC
Domain reg 2018-08-20
Domain exp 2019-08-20
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The Early Release Is Open

What is ZED?
ZED is a blockchain game where players can build a stable of racehorses by buying, breeding, and racing digital thoroughbreds.
The ultimate goal in ZED is to create a legacy with a valuable stable full of winning racehorses. The more you breed and race, the greater your legacy becomes.
Once your stable is formed with at least one racehorse, you can earn a profit if you decide to sell your thoroughbred through an auction or offer it for breeding at a fixed price that you set and even earn an
economic return once LIVE racing in ZED commences in early 2019.


How do I buy a racehorse?
There are a total of 4 bloodlines and 10 Z-gen types in ZED. As part of the Early Release, ZED will sell 4,000 of rarest racehorses horses to exist.
This which will include Z1, Z2, Z3, and Z4 gen types.

How to buy with Metamask
Here is a video on how to buy a ZED racehorse

Bloodline Sale
1000 Nakamoto: Z1
1000 Nakamoto: Z2
1000 Sazbo: Z3
1000 Szabo: Z4

ZED will be capped at 38,000, the remaining 36,000 will be put up for auction at a later date

We will be releasing the breeding and stud marketplace in just a few weeks. Sit tight this will be enabled soon. When you mate a ZED racehorse with one another, the offsprings ZED
value is derived by adding its parents ZED value; for example, a Z1 and a Z4 will birth a Z5.
Therefore, you may have noticed that makes it impossible to breed a Z1!

In time, players will be able to manage, breed and race their stable of digital thoroughbreds. There are fillies, colts, mares, and of course stallions. Colts and Fillies are considered
virgins until they mate. A racehorse�s bloodline, genotype, and performance over time will dictate its demand, hence making each racehorse statically unique. You can breed your
racehorse with stronger gen types if you want to cultivate a winning stable

Video Overveiw
Check out this video on the ideas behind ZED

We are priming ZED for virtual horse racing LIVE on the blockchain. That means people will be able to place a wager on your racehorse! There is a lot of rules and regulation that we need
to comply with here first so we will be releasing this later in 2019. Join us on Discord to follow progress here.



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Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/sNgA5Zu

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