xBank Alpha Release on StarkNet Public Testnet

xBank is a decentralized non-storage liquidity market protocol originally written in Cairo & Solidity.

xBank is a decentralized, non-custodial liquidity market protocol originally written in Cairo & Solidity. xBank manages deposits for lenders and facilitates lending of deposited assets for borrowers, performing proper risk management to protect lenders from illiquidity and insolvency risks. Lenders receive passive interest income from the interest rate obtained algorithmically, while borrowers borrow from assets provided with excess collateral and on an ongoing basis, paying a floating interest rate determined by the supply and demand for the asset.

The project is in its early stages, with no token or core network yet.

The roadmap says there may be rewards for early users in the future.


All transactions will take a long time to load, sometimes you will have to do transactions several times and refresh the page.

1. Download ArgentX wallet here

2 Get test ETH by following this link (may not be shown in the wallet, but no problems during transactions)

3.Get USDC and DAI. Go to the link and connect the wallet

4.Press “request_fund” and enter the token contract

USDC – 0x000cf1f2891ce07dfff3fa1828b5c4cc01ccc603876b913d9e6fc89bad276ba7

DAI- 0x04831207050e4b35a50dbb51a389b336c97720f4fd1fdf489b92dab9409baf99


1.Follow the link and connect the wallet

2.Deposit USDC and DAI

3. At Borrow Markets we borrow any token

4. Repay the debt in Repay

5.Leave feedback on Discord in the #suggestions channel

Testnet is over.