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– The Peoples Press –
Restoring Trust & Accountability to News & Journalism


What Is ElectedPress?

  • Geographically Distributed Web-Based Press Infrastructure
  • Bolstering Local News & Independent Journalism
  • Isolating Factual Inaccuracies, Logical Fallacies & Bias
  • Democratizing News & Media Narratives
  • Dissolving Echo Chambers & Media Compartmentalization
  • Restoring Trust & Accountability to News & Journalism
  • Providing A Voice, Meaning & Purpose To The People
ElectedPress.com is a platform dedicated bolstering local news & independent journalism
as well as providing a voice to the people in the news and media. The platform engages civil discourse
and debate working to find a center ground within local, national and global communities as well as
mitigate deceptive media and journalistic practices and fight FAKE NEWS by increasing media literacy
among the general public.

The platform works to reduce echo-chambers by dissolving media compartmentalization as well as giving
people a direct influence and control over news and media narratives and meta-narratives. The platform
enables people to share stories with one-another and isolate factual inaccuracies, logical fallacies and bias
contained within news and media content in real-time.


Legacy News & Media Outlets Have Been Consolidated Into 6 Multi-National Conglomerates
Independent News & Journalism Outlets Are Throttled/Censored Across Social Media Platforms
Opaque & Manipulated Search & Social Media Curated News Feed Algorithms
Free Speech & A Free Press Are Foundational To

  • Empowering Self-Governance
  • Civic Nationalism & Civic Globalism
  • The Health Of Localized & Decentralized Communities
  • Shedding Light On & Deterring Corruption
  • Holding Our Leaders & Elected Officials Accountable
  • Creating An Educated & Civically Engaged Citizenry

A News & Media Platform For The 21 Century

ElectedPress is a platform dedicated to dissolving the power of communication, media and the press away from centralized media oligarchies and distributing it back to localized communities by creating greater influence in local news and independent journalism as well as providing a voice to the people. Free thought, free communication and a free press based on universal natural rights and liberties are foundational to securing free societies for future generations and toward building a more consciously elevated and integrated world.
�If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be�
� Thomas Jefferson
We are seeking business partners, developers and calling on a grassroots community who understand the importance of and who want to help support an effort in realizing a vision to restore trust and accountability to news and journalism by bolstering independent and local news and journalism.

Help Us Secure A Free, Independent & Open Press For Future Generations & For The World!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/electedpress/

Github: https://github.com/electedpress/

Whitepaper: https://www.electedpress.com/whitepaper/

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