Woolongs (WOO) Hard Fork complete.

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Hurrah! We have now completed the HARD FORK of 2019 for WOOLONG (WOO). Specifically, we switched from the ASIC supported algorithm Cryptonote, to the ASIC resistant algorithm Cryptonote Lite v7.

Why you ask? I�m glad you asked.

The reason is simple, when we decided to create WOOLONGS, we wanted to give everyone in the �galaxy� the opportunity to be part of the process. Well that did not happen, did it? Initially, the effects of Woolong�s (WOO) support of ASIC mining did not come up in our rosy eyed conversations, but within the first few days we noticed that GPU miners were no match for the incredible power of ASIC miners. This did not sit well with anyone here!  The bottom line was:

Total combined WOO that were ASIC mined in the initial 45 days? Just over   https://woolongs.com/woos.png 4,500,000 WOO.
Total combined WOO the were GPU mined in the same time period? Around    https://woolongs.com/woos.png 72000 WOO

With the current Cryptonote Lite v7 algorithm mining is now in line to be good for everyone putting all miners on the same footing, as was the original idea. GPU Miners can now get in on the action!!

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge our appreciation for the efforts of all ASIC miners. In fact, ASIC mining is the backbone of the Crypto World. Their mining effort with Bitcoins put the cryptocurrency market on the map. Without them we would all be reading about something else right now.

As well, for Woolongs (WOO), these ASIC miners created an OTC Market which is very exciting. It shows that people who invest hard earned money into mining believe that WOO is going to be profitable for anyone who gets in on the ground floor.

Mining Pools currently active:
https://woo.cryptonote.club (0 fees)
https://pool.woolongs.com  (0 fees)

That�s all for now.

See You Space Cowboy! Smiley


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