What is Free TON?

1. What is Free TON?

Free TON is a peer-to-peer multiblockchain system with a native TON Crystal (TON) token. The Free TON platform is based on the TON protocol developed by Nikolay Durov and the Telegram team.

2. Who launched Free TON and when?

Free TON was launched by the Free TON Community, which includes more than 5,000 companies and individuals. Active members of the community include the Durov brothers’ blockchain application solutions developer TON Labs, investment companies Dokia Capital and Bitscale Capital, Kuna Exchange, Everstake, Chorus, Bitscale Capital, and Anatoly Kaplan.

The launch took place on May 7, 2020. Simultaneously with the launch, TON Labs published on GitHub the core components of the TON OS, the end-to-end infrastructure for the Free TON blockchain.

Published were:

  • Rust implementation of a complete TON node;
  • command line interface;
  • TON Multisignature Wallet smart contract;
  • scripts and docking containers to run TON validators.

3. Why and why launch Free TON?

The reason for launching Free TON was the refusal of Pavel Durov’s team to launch the TON blockchain platform.

The Decentralization Declaration (DOD), which is actually the project’s whitepaper, says that Telegram can no longer participate in the development of TON due to legal proceedings with the SEC. However, there are already millions of lines of code created by the community in the TON ecosystem, and this work should not be in vain, the authors summarized.

To avoid SEC claims, the Free TON community renamed the project and the cryptocurrency name. According to the signatories, the launch was not discussed with the Telegram team and TON investors. U.S. residents are not allowed to sign the Declaration.

Durov did not prohibit TON Labs from using the name of its blockchain project and positioning itself as a technology partner of TON.

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According to the Declaration, Free TON’s mission is to promote the values of free market, personal data protection, decentralized governance, resistance to censorship and collaboration around the world.

4. Is Free TON a fork of TON?

Free TON is not a fork of TON, as the latter has not been launched. The new blockchain is based on the Telegram Open Network code, which anyone can use.

5. How decentralized is Free TON?

All signatories to the Decentralization Declaration agreed to maximize decentralization at the governance, software development, validation, and user interface levels. Mandatory conditions for decentralization in the Declaration include:

  • All coins are distributed to as many users as possible who can participate in the staking;
  • Multiple independent validators participate in achieving network consensus;
  • No validator or other party technically capable of participating in stacking has more than 1/3 of all available TON Crystal tokens.
  • Several development teams are working in parallel to design the protocol, including specifications, core software, compilers, interfaces, languages, and compilers.

6. What stages of development are envisioned?

According to the Declaration, Free TON will be implemented in several phases to ensure smooth development of the protocol with initial developers and mass adoption.

  1. In the first phase, codenamed “Raging Bull,” developers will be able to make changes to network configuration parameters and SMV contracts will be calculated manually. At this stage, a decentralization bomb will be implemented in the code – a timer that counts down to the moment when the developers will lose the ability to make changes to the configuration. They will also write contracts of decentralized pools (DePools), which will allow each user to participate in the management of the network, regardless of the size of the steak.
  2. The second phase, codenamed “Fighting Fish,” will begin when the decentralization bomb is triggered. Control over the configuration parameters of the network will completely pass into the hands of the validators.
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In the third stage, code-named “Fight Club”, there will already be quite a few validators and decentralized pools in the network, and Free TON will achieve decentralization. Voting through SVMs will be automated, and contract givers will continuously distribute coins to new users.

7. How will TON Crystal coins be distributed?

TON Crystal tokens will be distributed for free, with a total issue of 5 billion.

Coins from the genesis block will be distributed among several giver contracts (Giver) – smart contracts that will not participate in staking or voting. Their only function is to automatically distribute TONs to users. The coins will be divided as follows:

  • 85% of all coins will go to Referral Giver contracts. Their task is to distribute coins to the first users and partners who will promote Free TON among their user base. If an affiliate’s contract has more than 30% of all coins, they cannot get more from Giver.
  • 5% of all coins will get the Validator Giver, who will distribute them among Validators.
  • 10% of all coins will receive the Developer Giver contract, which will fund development. Of these, 5% will go to TON Labs, the developer of the TON OS, which is necessary for the Free TON blockchain.

Once distributed, the tokens will be freely distributed to community members. There are no payments to the initial TON investors, as the developers of Free TON consider TON a separate project.

All decisions about the distribution of coins through gifting contracts, platform management methods and development strategy will be made by voting among coin holders through a simple majority mechanism, Soft Majority Voting (SMV). For example, if 10% of holders vote “for” and 0% vote “against,” the SMV will consider the decision approved because all those who have expressed interest and responsibility have spoken. If everyone votes, the traditional principle of 50% +1 will work.

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8. Where and how can I buy TON Crystal tokens?

It is not clear yet where and how you can buy tokens. There is no TON trade yet.

9. What is the outlook for Free TON?

The optimists point out that Free TON is a high-tech project with the beginnings of infrastructure and a development plan, and even as it stands, it may be interesting to users.

Pessimists believe that without integration with Telegram and a huge messenger audience, the project will be useless. They note that the network is still unstable, and its support requires significant expenses to pay for the work of the development team. In addition, powerful servers are required for the work of the valued nodes.

Telegram’s investors may view the launch of the alternative platform as an opportunity to protect their interests and react negatively, up to and including lawsuits against Durov, because they financed the development of the blockchain, but did not get the benefits and tokens.

Pavel Durov expressed doubts that he would ever support alternative networks based on Telegram developments.

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