What is aliencoin?

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What do you need to know about Aliencoin?
So what is Aliencoin?
Aliencoin is a digital currency based on bitcoin
It is inspired by mysterious alien cultures and has extraordinary significance.
The establishment of Aliencoin originated from four stages of development, which made it occupy a very important leading position in the area of block chains.
In the first stage, Aliencoin establishes a decentralized numerical system
Entertainment of Aliencoin numerical upgrade in pet form
Aliencoin is consumed for numerical generation and upgrade. We call it gas for short.
All gases point to the Aliencoin Foundation and all supernodes
Provide Aliencoin Community with Perfect Operational and Incentive Policies
In the second stage, a set of mature planetary systems is constructed with numerical systems.
In it, you can experience how to upgrade the planet.
So what's the use of them?
All pets and planets are scarce and need gas.
This means that they have a good collection value and play an important role in our later stage.
In the third stage, Aliencoin builds an API interface to dock the values of all Aliencoin users
Together, all the values create a huge Aliencoin user database
This database will be very helpful in the fourth stage and provide a set of user data solutions for everyone.
In the fourth phase, Aliencoin will provide the underlying technical documentation to developers working with Aliencoin numerical systems.
Let their applications dock all our numerical data, while all user numerical data are highly anonymous and operable
Understanding the above, then, you have a certain understanding of Aliencoin
Aliencoin is a set of digital currencies for collective payments and numerical systems
Based on Bitcoin, we can pay with Aliencoin in the future.
It's more tipping culture, and you can offer a reward or a small payment to anyone.
Of course, its core is the huge data value system built on the basis of Aliencoin, which provides us with infinite imagination space for the future.
It is not only a digital currency, but also a solution for anonymous numerical data of users!


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