What cryptocurrency has solved the electricity wasting problem?

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There have been at least 5,500 different cryptocurrencies created by the end of May 2020 since Satoshi Nakamoto created the first cryptocurreny, Bitcoin, in year 2008. The market cap of all the cryptocurrencies is more than US$257 billions. However,  cryptocurrencies mining consume more and more electricity every year but their outputs are just digital wastes.
For example, if Bitcoin were a country, it would surpass France and rank at 10 in the electricity consumption list on April 23, 2022. 

After checking many cryptocurrencies including Primecoin, Curecoin, and Gridcoin, we found that this energy wasting problem has not been solved. Different consensus mechanisms such as PoS and DPoS do not solve the energy crisis at all after checking the mathematical formulas that they used.
The root cause is the hash functions used by different cryptocurrencies.

We believe that our NaCacoin is only cryptocurrency which has solved the above problem completely. Here we woud like to present it to everyone so that our project can be checked strictly by your geeks. Please shoot us. The website is https://www.nacacoin.org/ and the github link is: 
https://github.com/XGSTeam/nacacoin. Please note: eventhough IT geeks who are familiar with Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS may easily compile and install it easily, we will provide a binary installation file before Oct 09, 2020 so that usual people can use their PC to do the mining.

Github: https://github.com/XGSTeam/nacacoin

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