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Before rolling out more bounties, SimpleChain is launching a [Twitter Teaser]!
Complete simple tasks on Twitter for weekly payout!

Estimated price of 1 SIPC (reward token) during 1st week of bounty:
USD $ 0.15



SimpleChain is a PoW main chain with flexible sub-chains. Different sub-chains can adopt different kinds of consensus and block data structure as needed, to support a variety of applications and use cases on blockchain. Sub-chains also support sharding to improve performance. This double-layered structure of one main chain and multiple sub-chains can fuel various applications while ensuring the consistency of the network.

We have launched our mainnet beta version and we will roll out official mainnet 1.0 in Q3 this year. For our detailed roadmap please see

SimpleChain has been focused on Chinese community since mainnet beta launch. Now, we're ready to expand and have more people learn about and benefit from Simple Chain.

Website | Telegram | Whitepaper | Twitter | Facebook | Medium | Github



The campaign will last for four weeks. Rewards will be distributed in SIPC tokens every week. SIPC tokens have been listed on exchange so the price at reward distribution will be determined by the market.

Week 1: August 1 (Thursday) to August 7 (Wednesday)

Reward distribution for Week 1: August 9 (Friday)

Week 2: August 8-14
Week 3: August 15-21
Week 4: August 22-28

General Rules

1. Before you start, please
Join SimpleChain Telegram group:
Subscribe to SimpleChain Telegram News Channel:

All bounty program announcements will be released in our Telegram Group. If you have any questions about this campaign, feel free to ask in the group!

Get your SIPC address:
1) Download SimpleNode (comes in English) at:
2) Follow the steps and create your SIPC wallet in SimpleNode
3) After the wallet is created, you'll see your address on your SimpleNode homepage

2. SimpleChain reserves the right to refuse any members without clear explanation.

3. Only one account per person is allowed. No multiple accounts or spamming.

4. SimpleChain reserves the right to adjust or add rules any time during the campaign.


Twitter Campaign


1. One retweet: 2 SIPC

One original tweet: 2 SIPC

Content of original tweets must be related to SimpleChain. Original tweets must tag @SimpleChain and add hashtags #Blockchain #PoW #SimpleChain

No more than 3 retweets and/or original tweets per day.

2. Reward Cap: 20 SIPC per week

1. MUST follow SimpleChain Twitter account.

2. You must have at least 100 followers in your Twitter account.

3. After you finish the task for Week 1, please submit by creating a new post on this thread & filling in this form: Week 1 Report Form

Sample Post

Bitcointalk username:
Telegram username:
Twitter account URL:

4. You will be disqualified if
1) retweet the same tweet twice or send the same (or very similar) original tweet twice;
2) use multiple accounts


Where can you trade SIPC?

SIPC is the native token on SimpleChain.

SIPC rewards will be distributed to your SimpleNode SIPC address.

SIPC is now available for trading on (Default language of the exchange is Chinese, please change it to English by clicking the top right corner on the homepage menu)

Currently, SIPC supports the trading pair of SIPC/CNT. Please trade SIPC into CNT before you trade CNT into other mainstream tokens. (CNT/ETH,BTC,USDT and more trading pairs are available)






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