“We’re building a niche, curated NFT auction house platform that will begin with exclusive and limited NFT drops. Think similarly to NiftyGateway. We are experienced creatives building a brand, and we are looking for a developer who will help turn our vision into a reality— eventually becoming an active part of a team. You will be: -Building the front and backend for an auction house that facilitates the minting, listing, bidding (offchain), sale, and transfer of NFTs -Deploying ERC721 contracts Requirements: -5+ years web development experience -Web3 experience -Ethereum smart contract experience -Solidity/Vyper coding experience -An in-depth understanding of NFTs and marketplaces -Experience with IPFS We’d like to hire someone who has passion for music, art, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. Living near Los Angeles is a plus, but by no means a requirement. Please apply with your resume and portfolio. Let us know why you’re the right fit, and please name one of your favorite records or artists of any sort! Location: Los Angeles, Company: Unnamed NFT Company,

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