WAVER Platform&Coin, Contents Market Project -Music Market (POS/Masternode)

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WAVER Platform&Coin, Contents Market Project -Music Market (POS/Masternode)

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Our platform starts with 4 platform developers, 2 coin developers, and 1 community manager.
We are pleased to announce with pride the new music sharing & market platform.
We will offer a market where music can be sold, a market where it can be purchased,
and a platform where you can share your music for free.

Music content has had two of big problems from the past to the present. We're trying to create a Waver platform to solve that.

The first is the issue of copyright.

Content such as music is always problematic for copyright. It's hard to prove who made it first. But if you can record your work perfectly in a block-chain, it's going to be hard for anyone to fake that they made it first. Sometimes people can register what others have made as if it were their own. However, as his project files and sound files record are fully registered in the block-chain, no one can claim them. It's because you can't claim your own copyright with the music files alone.

Second, payment is difficult.

We've built this platform to address the numerous copyright issues that we've encountered in our music content business, and we're designed to catch up with AudioJungle[Link], the largest existing music content site. Audiojungle can be paid in dollars, but we will make it possible with Bitcoin and our Waver Coin. There are countless currencies around the world, but it's hard to have the same value around the world. It's the cryptocurrency that solved it. Cryptocurrency can be easily shared across the world. It can be transferred from the U.S. to Japan and from Japan to India for a small transfer fee. This is currency innovation.

There are people in the world who want to use some music, but they can't pay in dollars, or they don't know how to buy the content they want. But Bitcoin and Waver Coin are available all over the world. This will help you buy the content you want at any time.

We will continue to introduce the progress of our Waver project through the discord community and our SNS.

For more information, please visit our website and the discord community!!

Coin Name : Waver Coin
Ticker : WVC
Algorithm : x11
Block Time : 1 Min
Max Supply : 40,000,000 WVC
Premine : 400,000 WVC (1% of MAX SUPPLY)
Reward Rate. : POS 10% / MN 90%
POS Immature Time : 1Hours
Masternode Collateral : 500 – 10,000



* We start with high ROI in the beginning for those who buy our coin in the beginning,
but it continues to decrease gradually, leaving only the final 4000 masternodes.
Masternode Collateral will also become more and more increased to prevent coin inflation.
When you look at the reward period, you will not only fully configure the next Collateral but you will also be able to get profits.



[WEBSITE]        [DISCORD]        [GITHUB]        [EXPLORER]        [TWITTER]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@PlatformWaver

Github: https://github.com/wavercoin/core-project

Discord: https://discord.gg/GHf55pM

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