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VVCoin Exchange is an innovative Cryptocurrency Exchange and wallet.

It is $ 5.6Billion daily volume, has 404 listed pairs, rock bottom trading fees and the security and reliability of OKEX.

B91 is a Payment ecosystem managed by the Blockchain Advisory Firm Zytech 123.

It is the one-stop platform where you can pay, invest and earn and you integrate easily crypto and your wealth, daily and for building the future. It is listed on Coinmarketcap.

Zytech123 is a leading Blockchain Advisory Firm based in San Francisco and New York. It helps companies grow their business, build their Marketing strategy and connect them with investors.

B91 by VVCoin exchange Airdrop is worth 1 B91 token, also earn 0,5 B91 for each referral. 5000 address participants x 1 B91  + 0.5 B91 for referral = around 500-800 USD to be given away!!!

Terms and Conditions
To be eligible for airdrop users will be required to follow the below rules:

1. Go to the VVCOIN Airdrop
2. Join their Telegram Group.
3. Follow their official Twitter page and retweet pinned post.
4. Follow the VVCoin CEO on Twitter.
5. Follow Zytech123 CEO on Twitter.
6. Register on and submit the email to the bot.
7. Follow them on Facebook Page
8. Follow Zytech123 on Facebook Page
9. Download our App

Submit your details to the bot. You will get 1 B91 to your VVC wallet. Also, get 0,5 B91 for each referral.

For detailed instructions please visit freecoins24




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