Vue.js developer needed

I need a Vue.js developer to create a project template with the following items:
* Login page (login token is stored in local storage)
* Upon login a private and public key is created (Web Crypto API)
* User Settings with option for password change
* One example page with CRUD operations and pagination
* For design the Paper Dashboard Pro (paid) admin template is used.
* All the request sent to the server is secured by sending the token in a custom header and signing that token concatenated with a timestamp with RSA using the private key created at login. If the response contains a new token, it shall be used there after (the old token will expire within 5 seconds).
* If any of the request fails because of not authenticated or token expired, it should popup a login (not a separate page) and after successful login the original request have to be retried with the new token.

A mock server is provided in a .jar file (will open a port on 8080).

A Dockerfile also have to be made for deployment. Please indicate in your proposal if you are also experienced in Docker or not.

For the proposal I require you to give me a ballpark number of hours for the above. It may change during our discussion though, but only if we add more details or extra features to the above. Your estimate have to be 100% accurate – just a joke, it means that the final hours you spend cannot be more than 100% more than the estimated, i.e. if you estimate 1 hour for a task, I will assume that you will target 1 hour, but you will never spend more than 2 hours on it even if there are obstacles.
Location: Worldwide

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