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The VirtuaFinance application is an application that has been optimized to run on virtual infrastructure seamlessly within our decentralized virtual ecosystem. The Virtual-Finance application software is combined inside a virtual machine container in a manner that will greatly maximize the performance of the applications on the ecosystem. The Virtual-inance application minimizes the systems software to the smallest set of packages required to support the application, the maintenance and administration burden of the virtual application is greatly reduced.

The Virtual-Finance application is the easiest way to build your augmented reality applications. It allows users with Zero experience along with experienced developers to build augmented reality and virtual reality applications based on HTML templates. This is Completely modular in structure, utilising our Virtual-Finance Ecosystem to its full potential with ready-to-use templates that will allow for the users focus to be shifted to styling the content. The system is suitable for professional programmers as well as beginners.

The Virtual-Finance ecosystem accelerates application deployment and simplifies application migration by isolating applications from their underlying operating systems and eliminating application conflict's that will result in streamlined delivery and management for our user's.

Virtual-Finance[/b] incorporates a unique  Blockchain characteristic which includes digital data transmission systems that impose no restrictions on, or modification of, the transmitted data. VTFc protocols are in contrast vastly superior to protocols that currently allow transmission of  sensitive data. Wth the main purpose to provide an extremely secure and trustworthy Blockchain, we have implemented our unique VTFc mechanism that will ensure every transaction is validated with maximum security and speed in mind. We have set out to make Blockchain technology easily and freely accessible worldwide for anyone with an internet connection, We will provide the necessary tools for any user to Safely send Funds over our Virtual network!

Coin Name : Virtual-Finance
Ticker : VTFc
Algorithm : QUARK
Block Rewards : 0.16 PoW | 0.04 MN
Block Time : 60 sec
Maximum Supply : 1,300,000
Premine : 25,000
Masternode Collateral : 1000
Minimum Stake Amount : 0.1 VTFc
Port : 13557
Rpcport : 13556

Last PoW Block – 25,000

Mining Pool:  www.icopool.club

-a quark -o stratum+tcp://icopool.club:4033 -u <WALLET> -p c=VTFC

If you would like to partner with us and Add our coin to your mining pool,
we currently offer a bounty for the first 3 pools to list VTFc!
(inquire in Discord)

Our Official  channels and groups:
Twitter |   Github  |  Discord |  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VTFc_Team/status/1214143699887636480

Github: https://github.com/Virtual-Finance/VirtualFinance
Discord: https://discord.gg/cppaSy2

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