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                PharosVolumeScaner- for exchange BTCinance

Our team consists of traders and programmers. We are constantly working on software tools for trading that help us in daily trading. Currently, the Pharos project has been launched, in which we will present our best software products for traders. The first product of the scanner series is Pharos Coin Scanner for Binance. This scanner to exchange Binance, the basis of this algorithm are volumetric data. We use it every day as the main tool for finding the most promising currency pairs.

The scanner is best suited for active traders (for intraday trading), as the potential profit can be obtained in the period from a few minutes to several hours after the signal. Anyway, that’s how we trade. Signals of the program in any case should not be perceived as a guide to a momentary purchase. This is just a hint for the trader which currency pairs are worth paying attention to. And then You, and only you, based on your own experience, decide whether to enter the position.

Name:                            PharosVolumToken ( PVT)
Standard:                       Ethereum ERC20, utility based
Max Supply:                   10 000 000 PVT
Token Contract Address:  0x85F6eb5Df49673624Ff257466A0AB0B925d19a89
Decimals:                       18
Price:                             0.005 ETH
About:  PharosVolumToken (PVT) will be released in a limited amount of 10 000 000 PVT ,when you buy the full version of the program worth 5 Eth you get 1000 PVT which you can then sell on the exchange!Also, from January 31, dividends will be accrued every month in the amount of 20% of the tokens that will lie  on your MEW wallet


Website: https://www.pharosvolum.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/PharosVolum
Telegram: https://t.me/VolumPumpBinance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PharosVolum

Telegram https://t.me/VolumPumpBinance

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