Virtual Gold is the Future – TronGold (XTG) Tokensale is Live

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TronGold (XTG) – Decentralized Virtual Gold Transaction

TronGold (XTG) is Token Based On TRON Blockchain


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Why do gold investors have to accept XTG Virtual Gold as an investment method? ?

-Lower Transaction Processing Costs.
There are no monthly fees for vendors to receive XTG Virtual Gold. Compared to purchases at gold shops – the cost per transaction is often much lower.

-Fast and Secure Transactions
XTG Virtual Gold security is far more effective and layered than those used by banks and credit cards. Each transaction requires more than one access code or password to complete

-One platform, one solution
All XTG Virtual Gold services run on one Secure Blockchain based platform. There is one reliable back-office that serves you and an integrated reporting tool for all sales channels without third parties holding back the flow of information.

-The best conversion rates and the right currency
With a cryptocurrency acceptance management platform, we can provide the best investment method for your company. All of our investment solutions are developed taking into account conversion rate rentability.

Tokensale Price :  1 TRX = 95 XTG

No Minimum and Maximum TRX you spend. But if you want to spend more than 10.000 TRX you will be able to join INVESTOR PROGRAM


TRX Participated                  XTG You Recieve                     TVG You Receive

10.000 TRX                         1.000.000 XTG                        3 TVG Docs

20.000 TRX                         2.000.000 XTG                        6 TVG Docs

50.000 TRX                         5.000.000 XTG                        15 TVG Docs

100.000 TRX                     10.000.000 XTG                        31 TVG Docs

What is TVG Docs. ?

TVG Docs are document for investor which can trade with TVG (XTG Virtual Gold) after TVG blockchain finished .
TVG is Virtual Gold based Blockchain which we hold real Gold on the Company Storage.

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