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What is Vigor ?

Vigor is a Crypto Borrow and Earn Community, powered by the EOS Blockchain. 

The Vigor Stablecoin is a Crypto collateral-backed stablecoin.  To start, the accepted Crypto collateral will be the EOS token.  However, more whitelisted Crypto collateral tokens will be added in the future as the project progresses, including other EOSIO Ecosystem tokens and cross-Chain Crypto tokens also!

Vigor Stablecoin Borrowers can lock up EOS to take Vigor Stablecoin loans, and Vigor Insurers can also lock up EOS to earn VIG loan fees from Vigor Stablecoin Borrowers. 

A cut of the VIG fee, paid by Vigor Borrowers and earned by Vigor Insurers, is taken to a Final Reserve, which acts as the recapitalization of last resort within the Vigor System


Vigor DAC Lyfe

The Vigor Stablecoin project is being built out today as a DAC, a Decentralized Autonomous Community, to build and deploy the Vigor Project based on the Vigor Whitepaper.

The Vigor DAC is run by 21 elected Custodians from the EOS Community.  New Custodians are voted in and out of the Top 21 quite frequently.  Currently, only the Top 21 Custodians can vote in the Genesis Stage of the Vigor DAC. 

In the future, the actual users of the Vigor Stablecoin system, both Vigor Borrowers and Vigor Insurers, will wield the voting control over the Vigor DAC and its 21 Custodians.

The Top 21 Custodians earn VIG each day to help build out the Vigor DAC, completing tasks ranging from building out the core Vigor Stablecoin products, to marketing, legal solutions, and everything in between. 

Also, Vigor DAC Candidates can Earn VIG Daily via Airgrab by adding value to the Vigor DAC and the broader Vigor Community.  The Candidate Airgrab amounts are based on Vote Counts.  The more votes you have, the more VIG you can Earn.

New Vigor DAC Candidates are always welcome and there has been increasing interest in these Candidate positions as the Vigor project has become more popular recently within the EOS Community!

How to earn VIG

There is many way you can earn VIG , one of them is become vigor candidate ! you can earn daily vigor by become vigor candidate.
how to become vigor candidate? you can read it here

Vigor Officials Link

Website :
Officials Telegram :
Summary / FAQ :
Vigor Whitepaper :

Vigor Officials Exchange

You can start sell or buying Vigor on NewDex :


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