VERY IMPORTEND INFO for all PURA Hodler, You can do an SWAP to PURA24 Token

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Very importand, you must Vote today here : #Community-Voting (  )

Now we have to go to the first step and perform the 1:1 virtual swap with PURA24.
In order to do this, all users must have their own PURA24 address (WAVES ACCOUNT ADDRESS) which is obtained by downloading the Waves wallet to this address:

The operations of virtual swap management require work that will take time and to sweeten the wait we decided to make a gift and make an air drop of 100 PURA24 to all users who write their Waves Account Address in the section #pura24-airdrop-request
The time available to write your Waves address to receive the air drop expires on 30 November 2019.

We trust that you will use these Token to gain experience in using the WAVES DEX WALLET.

In the coming days we will give more information on how to perform the virtual swap.

More details on security issues

Important Security Notes to Be Considered By End Users
SEED & Password
Before you create an account, you should know some important points about the Waves wallet system. In Waves wallet, there is no .dat file which keeps your private keys but a SEED which grants you access to them. The SEED is by default a string of 15 English words and basically your passphrase to your funds – if you lose your SEED, you lose access to your account.

We strongly encourage you to additionally back up the SEED on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place. The provided string of 15 English words is cryptographically extremely secure and with the current technology unbreakable (the chance someone can break a passphrase given by the client is 1:(2048^15)). Each and every SEED is only linked to one single Waves account. Every digit, character, symbol and space counts – if there is one space too much, a different account opens up. If there is a wrong symbol, a different account opens up. If there is a spelling mistake, a different account opens up.


1. Create a new Receiving Address in your PURA AURORA WALLET (LABEL: Virtual Swap PURA24)

2. Create a BACKUP of the wallet on an external support

3. Send all the PURA you want to swap together (in a single transaction!), to your new local PURA address (Label: Virtual Swap PURA24) and wait for the necessary confirmations!

4. Create a SCREENSHOT of Transaction Details, copy/paste the Transaction ID to an external document and save the document

5. Send an E-Mail to:
[email protected]
with the following data:

– TX ID: (Transaction ID)
– PURA SENT: (Pura amount sent)
– MY PURA24 WAVES ADDRESS: (your Waves Dex Account Address)
– SCREENSHOT OF THE TX ID: (copy/paste the screenshot into the email)

6. Wait until the end of the virtual swap deadline

Once you send all the Pura to yourself, you will not be able to move them, because we will have to be able to verify that the transaction is valid and that in that transaction there are actually the Pura for the virtual swap. Any kind of abuse or attempt at cheating will mean immediate exclusion from the community and the possibility of swapping!

You can immediately start sending the email containing all the requested data.

The Deadline is within, and no later than, the 31st December 2019 at 11:59 pm

Use the utmost caution and attention! Errors are not allowed!
It is not possible to send more than ONE email
Emails that do not contain all the necessary data, exactly as shown in the example (image attached), will be deleted and excluded from the virtual swap

Please communicate this opportunity to everyone you know who has the Pura in their wallet. Help everyone not to miss this opportunity!



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