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VENUSENERGY � Go Green for Future Generations ! ! !

1. The first investors, until the end of the Soft Cap fund collection, will receive 50% more than the token amount invested during the ICO period. And
    when buying Hard Cap funds, the investor gets 20% more tokens until the end of the ICO.
2. At the end of the ICO period, Venus tokens will be uploaded into the Crypto exchange offices, where you can invest in buying and selling of the tokens.
3. VENUS Token holders for mining will get 20% cheaper energy than the cheapest energy sold in the EU (Our price: 0.032 EU per 1 KWh).
4. You can mine up to 24 different cryptocurrencies on the three most popular platforms: SHA256, Ethash and Equihash.
5. If mining becomes unprofitable, VENUSENERGY and the customer can agree to halt the mining and the customer will receive a lump sum for electricity.

The problem

The process of mining new coins requires both energy and computing capacities. The consumption of electric energy is becoming very big, while the remuneration
received for the performed computations is not big enough to defray the incurred electric energy expenses. The earnings from mining depend on the price of electric
energy and the probability to receive a computed hash value. This probability, in its turn, depends on the amount of the computing capacities. Today�s primary sources
of energy are mainly non-renewable: natural gas, oil, coal, peat, and conventional nuclear power. All thermal power plants produce waste heat energy as a by-product
of the useful electrical energy produced. Such significant discharge of harmful greenhouse gases into the air encourages the greenhouse effect, which causes irreversible
 effects for the earth and ever-augmenting global warming.

The Solution

The VenusEnergy team offers a solution involving the use of renewable energy sources. Using of renewable energy sources for the production of electric
energy, which is to be used for the performance of cryptocurrency mining works, significantly decrease expenses on electricity, meaning that profit received
for the works performed is bigger. Also, this leads to saving nature and decreasing the greenhouse effect.

The Token

VenusEnergy ICO started on 1st of May 2018. Their token, the VENUS, is available for purchasing on their official website, at a price of 0.00002900 ETH/ Token.
VenusEnergy is aimed at all qualified and unskilled investors who wish to invest in the cryptomining sector in a very profitable and sustainable way through the
services that VenusEnergy, where tokens will be sold. VENUS tokens will give access to the rental of mining machines.

The team

Behind this very promising project we can find a dedicated team, made of skillful specialists from various fields, such as: IT, business and product development,
finance, marketing. Each team member is unique and valued for that, among the best and brightest in the business, and takes pride in his or her achievements
and the success of others.

Technical details of VENUS token

Smart contract:
Token Contract Address: 0xEbeD4fF9fe34413db8fC8294556BBD1528a4DAca
Token Symbol: VENUS
Decimals: 3
Coin Name: VENUS,
Coin Abbreviation: VENUS,
Coin Type: Ethereum token,
Total Coins: 80,000,000,000,
Code language: pragma solidity.

VENUS token wallet

Business model

The strategic goal of the VenusEnergy project is to build cryptocurrency mining farms and to supply these farms with electricity produced from renewable
electricity sources made by wind power plants in Lithuania. The Lithuanian coastal region is ideal for windmills, as the region has the highest wind strength
in the country. According to the meteorological center's indicators, the annual average wind power – in which the wind turbine wings revolve – is between
6.5 and 7.5 m/s in the coastal region. Due to the geographical location of Lithuania, the most efficient way is the exploitation of wind power plants. Especially
on the Baltic Sea coast, where even with the minimum wind power of 3.5 m/s, electricity will be produced for 365 days. According to the financial estimates
 provided, investing in wind power plants in the Lithuanian coastal region is profitable. The investment pays off in about 8 years ( BEP = 8 ). A high ROI ratio
of 12.5% indicates a good return on investment.


The VenusEnergy ICO�s primary goal is to allocate the collected money for researches of how to increase the efficiency of plants capable of generating electricity
from renewable energy sources. The secondary goal is to allocate the ICO-collected money for generating energy from renewable energy sources. This can be the
answer to the energy problem for the stabilization of carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases. In addition, by replacing energy generation plants that
 use conventional resources, they lead to a reduction in the emission of other pollutants. Future development of the digital currency crucially depends on the long-term
availability of the energy in increasing quantities from sources that are dependable, safe, and environmentally sound. Energy is too important for its development to
continue in such a random manner. A safe, environmentally sound, and economically viable energy pathway that will sustain blockchain technologies, and not only, is
clearly imperative. It is also possible, with VenusEnergy. If you want to conduct your own research and find more about this project, but also about the digital currency
 technology, the renewable energy sources, and the connection between them, VenusEnergy�s website is a good place to start from.

Road Map:


Birth of the VENUS Token


1st stage

ICO 2nd stage

ICO 3rd stage

ICO 4th stage

Start of the Project.
Start of the work at the Exchange Offices.

Acquisition of Land.
Document Management.

Acquisition of the Industrial warehouse for the
development of mining. Acquisition of ASICs.
Start of building renewable energy sources.
Conditioning of facilities for the development
of mining.

End of the renewable energy source building.
Installation of mining ASICs.

Start of the Mining Platform development.
Launch of the platform.

ICO calendar:


Bounty Campaign & Airdrop:


White paper:
English language
 Russian language

English language
 Russian language

For more information:
Official VenusEnergy website:

We friendly communicate via e-mail:
[email protected]

We're on social:
Facebook [NEW]
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