UX/UI of Crypto casino

1. The final work is done by us using inVision. We need to make series of appointments with you for consulting us on best practices. Then we complete the work and you do the review. (Payment: per hour).
2. We give you initial mobile version prototype and you make desktop and intermediate versions in inVision or Adobe XD. (Payment: per project).

Skills that are important for us:
– UX/UI design educational background, with good knowledge of current design trends. You can explain why the element should be there, but not somewhere else (answer "it just looks cool" is not always good enough).
– You can provide us with portfolio links of all relative works.
– You are creative, can propose fresh ideas instead of cloning.

All illustrations will be done by dedicated illustrator after UX/UI prototype is be ready. UX/UI design should be done with future illustrations in mind, probably with some placeholders or temporary graphics.

First step in cooperation would be a brief conference call, where we will give you InVision project link, you can criticise existing mobile version.
Location: Worldwide

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