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Website wallet.ufobject.com
Registrar domain GoDaddy.com, LLC
Domain reg 2011-07-27
Domain exp
Nameservers ian.ns.cloudflare.com
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Latest Uniform Fiscal Object // UFO // version 0.17
(updated on May 4, 2019)

Coin specifications
    � Proof of Work (PoW)
    � NeoScrypt hashing algorithm
    � 90 sec block time
    � 312.5 coins reward per block
    � Subsidy halving every 400k blocks
    � ~4 billion coins total
    � 6 confirmations per transaction
    � Genesis 2nd of January 2014

    � wallet.ufobject.com

Download Wallets
Win 32-bit installer
Win 64-bit installer

Uniform Fiscal Object Team Projects
    � UFObject main site
    � Uniform Asset Layer (tokens on UFO blockchain)
    � Atomic Swap Exchange

Other Resources
    � CoinMarketCap info
    � Roadmap for 2019
    � Exchange
Mining Software

    � Discord channel
    � Telegram group

UFObject progress update from the development team

Since early 2018 the Uniform Fiscal Object // UFO coin has been going through substantial changes.

Thanks to Peter Bushnell, a leading developer of UFO coin, the UFObject core wallet has been continuously updated to follow the most recent version of Bitcoin Core wallet released.

Current UFObject Core wallet version has all softforks activated to enable support of the Lightning network, Atomic swaps (BIP65) and Segwit.

With the collaborative effort of the renewed UFObject development team, we are proud to announce the development of several UFObject related projects.

First of all, UFObject now supports tokens. The Uniform Asset Layer project is responsible for the specialized version of Core wallet which allows to issue, grant and transfer tokens over UFObject blockchain. This allows almost anyone with some technical background to manage tokens (similar to Tether USD). More information is available at https://uniasset.org

Another major step forward for UFO was made in late 2018 when the team started the development of the Atomic Swap Exchange – UfoDex. Since May 2019 the public mainnet beta version of the exchange is available at https://ufodex.io

Atomic Swaps offer a secure way to exchange coins between two blockchains. This means that exchanging UFO to BTC or back is now possible with the latest security features natively supported by UFObject and Bitcoin blockchains.

The team has also put a lot of effort in implementing basic UFO support for open-source libraries used by the BtcPay payment gateway and others. This will increase the adoption of UFO to be used as a payment medium.  The main release version for payment gateways is under way and expected to be completed very soon.

UFObject Core 0.18 is in development.

The UFObject development team would like to thank the community for the huge support and trust that has shown. This project is the result of a collaborative effort by all.

Stay in touch for news and updates on new UFObject achievements!

Telegram https://t.me/UFOCoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/swum4c6

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