TRONISH TURBO BOUNTY 12.02.2019-12.03.2019

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TRONISH is made from a simple formula: TRON + WISH = TRONISH. WISH is the official token of the MyWish Smart Contract Platform. MyWish is the first fully functioning open-source platform for creating all kinds of smart contracts. It has a simple interface and does not require an installation of additional software. It is currently partnering with RSK, NEO, and many other blockchains but the team made a determined decision to focus on the decent and detailed collaboration with TRON. You can find more about TRONISH on  –

The bounty campaign will start on the 12th of February and ends on the 12th of March. During this time, all participants are able to earn �contribution� bounty.  The reward is paid within 2 weeks after the campaign ends.

1 TRONISH = $0,025


The Campaign is time-limited, the tasks to this Campaign will be updated whenever the need arises.

You can find TURBO tasks on the telegram group Sandra Evans:

Turbo Tasks (examples):
➤ Watch a video, like and comment on Youtube
➤ Follow on Reddit and Upvote, comment posts, make your own posts about the Project
➤ Follow on Linkedin and Like posts, make your own posts about the Project
➤ Comment topic in Telegram
➤ Follow and give �clap� and comment on Medium
➤ Invite friends to Telegram, spur engagement through posts, and share Telegram links across other platforms

You can ask all your questions on the telegram group Sandra Evans:

More info –

Disclaimer: the team can change the terms during the Campaign









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