Triver: The place to find, schedule and pay for your destinations.

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What Is Triver?

Triver is a travel-related platform that facilitates and speeds setting up various travel schedules.The platform allows users to schedule and pay for various travel schedules, such as tickets for flights, accommodation and travel destinations according to their planned schedules. In addition, communication with other users can be activated by recording and sharing travel schedules that you have experienced.


The birth of the block technology has awakened South Korea's de-centralized world and raised new issues about the currency
system, which is centered on the national unit. In addition, technological developments have broken the boundaries between
countries and enabled them to interact more quickly, but there are still services that are not available or are unsatisfactory.


We define new communities to realize a distributed world, connect them, and create a new world through connected
communities. TRVs define existing economic systems defined on a per-state basis by linking economic relationships to
communities that existed solely in social and political sense, in a community unit, and connect each defined community more
closely than ever before. TRVs will also connect not only to the real world, but also to the virtual currency world, allowing
infinite expansion.

TRV is the primary purpose and mission to ensure that users are not fooled by the false information of the destination.
Currently, all forms of information that we thought should be issued/submitted naturally in the form of hardcopy by each
agency (e.g., insurance certificates, travel packages, travel packages, airline reservations, accommodation tickets, necessary
tickets, etc.) will disappear in the near future.


TRV Ecosystem
The TRV Project started to enrich our daily lives through "connections." The history of technological innovation that humanity
has built is ultimately a "relationship." In the invention of characters, mutual ideas do not agree with each other even if they
do not meet directly. It opened up a world in which the phones can be connected in real time even in the distance and
wireless communication can be connected while traveling. And with the advent of the Internet, you can connect in real time
anywhere in the world. To realize the dramatic innovations in consolidation, we look at the theme of travel as well as information
and information link. However, we want to take a step closer to a more perfect concatenation through the TRVPProject to
resolve the weakness that the concatenation today is not perfect, despite these rapid developments.

What to Expect


TRVs connect information and information to create an environment where all information in TRV Republic can process information in real time based on smart contract. As thenumber of information connected through the TRV increases, transactions in TRV Republic increase geometrically, and the
efficiency of the internal configuration of each information connected to each other through the TRV will be maximized.



Use Of Proceeds




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The page after you signed up for the airdrop looks like this

Contact Us


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