Traps.One – The 1st Multi-PVP game on Tron Network

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The 1st Multi-PVP game on Tron Network.
Eat your way to becoming a millionaire!
Traps.One � Quick Start Directions

Install TronLink, the Tron Wallet
Download TronLink here https://[Suspicious link removed]/Yb4NRU

If you are unable to download via the Chrome extension store, please use this link

2. Log into the game:

If you have already installed Tronlink, the website should log in automatically .

3. Choose your preferred game mode and you are ready to start:

If you would like to play in free demo mode:

(1) Select �FFA-Free� and then the �Play� button

If you would like to play in normal pay mode:

(2) Select �FFA-110TRX� and then the �Play� button.

Once you have selected �FFA-110TRX� and begun playing, Tronlink will ask you to confirm the transaction. 10 TRX will then be deducted from your total balance and 100 TRX will be deposited into the game for use in the game.

4. Rules

4.1 Free Mode

a. When you enter a game already in progress, you are given a 3-second lead-in before your cell becomes active.

b. To exit an unfinished game, simply close your browser window.

c. A full game is 9 minutes and 50 seconds, plus a 10 second lead-in.

4.2 Normal Pay Mode

a. When you enter a game already in progress, you are given a 3-second lead-in before your cell becomes active.

b. A full game is 9 minutes and 50 seconds, plus a 10 second lead-in.

c. At the end of each game, you will be shown your game stats and total value earned. You can then choose to exit or to play another game.

d. Each player pays 10 TRX to enter a game and needs 100 TRX for the starting value of their cell.

e. When your cell eats another cell, you take a portion of their TRX. When another player�s cell eats your cell, they take a portion of your TRX.

f. Each time you die, the TRX in your cell drops by the following amounts:

* 10 TRX

* 9 TRX

* 8.1 TRX

* 7.29 TRX

* 6.561 TRX

* 5.9049 TRX

* 5.31441 TRX

* 4.782969 TRX

* 4.3046721 TRX

* 3.87420489 TRX

g. The total value of TRX that you accumulated during your game will be calculated at the end of the game.

i. If you close your browser page during the middle of a game, your cell will remain at its last location (in case you decide to log back in before the end of the current game, and assuming that you haven�t already been eaten in the meantime)

4.3 Observers

a. Observers are automatically locked onto following the largest cell on the board.

5. How to Operate

5.1 Player�s Cell

a. The movment of the cell is controlled by your mouse.

b. Once your cell has been split, all cells follow the direction of your mouse.

c. A smaller cell cannot pass when blocked by a larger cell.

d. The larger your cell gets, the slower it will move.

e. Split cells can move much faster.

f. The mass of your cell will naturally decrease.

h. When your cell hits a wall, the center of the cell cannot breach the wall.

5.2 Splitting

a. Press �SPACE� to split your cell.

b. Only cells with a value of 36 or more can be split. Splits result in equally-sized smaller cells. Splits can be repeated up to a maximum of 16 cells.

c. Following a split, the main cell will remain in the center of all of your cells. Cells move faster when they are split into smaller cells.

d. The bigger the total mass of the cells, the more slowly they are pulled back together.

5.3 Eating Pellets

a. Eating pellets increases the mass of your cell.

b. Each pellet is worth one point.

C. The number of pellets available on the board increases as the game continues.

5.4 Eating Other Players� Cells

a. Your cell can eat any other cell, as long as you are at least 25% larger than the cell you want to eat.

b. You receive the points from any cell that you eat.

c. When you eat another player�s cell in pay mode, you get both their mass and the TRX value inside their cell.

5.5 Making Contact with Bomb Cells (Spiked Cells)

a. If your cell runs into a bomb cell that is larger than you, nothing happens (You can actually hide under it)

b. If your cell is 33% larger than the bomb cell it runs into, the bomb cell will split.

c. Bombs cells split into 8 smaller cells, with the total mass and value maintained. One of the split cells will be larger in mass and value than the others (In pay mode, the bomb cell retains its TRX value).

d. A cell can eject mass at a bomb cell to eat it, and can consume a maximum of 200 points

e. When the value of mass ejected at a bomb cell plus the value of the bomb cell is over 200 points, a new small 100-point bomb cell is created in the original spot (In pay mode, the TRX value remains in the original spot).

f. If your cell has already split into 16 (the maximum), it can eat a bomb cell only when it is 25% or more larger than the bomb cell. If your cell eats a bomb cell, it takes the mass of that bomb cell (In pay mode, your cell takes the TRX value inside that bomb cell).

5.6 Ejecting Mass

a. A cell can only eject mass when it is reached 32 or higher.

b. Mass ejected is worth 14.

d. When a cell has split, mass can only be ejected if each cell is at least 32 or higher.

e. Mass ejected moves faster than your cell, like a missle.

5.7 Chat Window

a. You can chat with other players during a game in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

b. Only English is allowed in the chat window.

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