Trading across multiple exchanges for free? Done.

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Hello guys,

my team and I have been developing a platform for trading across multiple exchanges. The platform is and its main focus is automated trading therefore we decided to allow a the manual trading across multiple exchanges for free.

We understand that there are many cool platform like coinigy that are offering the same service, but these are all subject to a fee. That's why we would like to give a service (manual trading) that's completely free of charges.

The registration is simple. To start trading you just need to provide your API keys with no withdrawal permission. The exchanges available are Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bittrex, Poloniex and Bitmart. Soon, we will release KuCoin, Bitstamp, HitBtc, Kraken and Bitfinex.

I would really appreciate your feedback about the usability of the platform as well as your suggestions about the exchanges to add in the future.

Thanks a lot for your time. I wish you a profitable day BTC

PS: the automated trading is not for free.


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