The Ultimate Guide to DigitalCryptoInvest (DCI) – Next Generation Of Cross Asset

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[su_spoiler title=”Show forum topic” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]The Ultimate Guide to DigitalCryptoInvest (DCI) – Next Generation Of Cross Asset Investment Ecosystem

Investment in the digital era has become much easier and convenient. However, the lack of a comprehensive and secure investment platform is still a big problem of the industry. DCI aims to resolve this particular problem through a secure platform for each investment.

What is DCI?
DCI, or DigitalCryptoInvest, has been designed as a platform that provides comprehensive, secure, transparent and easily accessible investment solutions to everyone, including businesses/individuals from any background, knowledge, and budget, around the globe.

Our Vision

The vision or aim of the DCI project is to enable everyone to securely and efficiently invest in the new opportunistic market of digital finance. It does so through a unique set of features and functionalities that help investors make the right investment choice at the right time. It makes use of advanced mechanisms like the blockchain, artificial intelligence, legal & compliance support, and risk assessment.

Why You Should Choose DCI?

DigitalCryptoInvest intends to become the one-stop solution for digital investments of any kind. It is a Distributed Ledger Ecosystem with the following features:

  • High trust backed y digital fingerprint for security and immutability of the underlying data.
  • High-end maintenance along with verification-based data added to the ledger.
  • Smart contracts to protect user investments and data.
  • The blockchain technology makes the ledger data and transactions immutable.
  • The blockchain-based p2p system ensures lesser complexity, reduced cost and high profit in transactions.
  • High transparency in financial transactions leads to higher trust among investors.

Features of DCI

  • The ability to invest in both classic (stocks, funds, etc) and digital (tokens, etc) investment markets.
  • Trust-less transactions where there is no middleman or intermediary
  • 360-degree view of the investment portfolio with complete analytics and details
  • Cross-chain transactions allowing investors to buy/sell tokens from other crypto exchanges
  • Support to a number of third-party APIs for added capabilities

Initial Token Offering (ITO)

The official sale of DCI tokens will be held in the third and fourth quarters of 2019. The tokens will be distributed through the pre-sale, ITO and bounty programs.

                                                   Token details:

Token name DCI
Platform Stellar blockchain
Token pricel 1.2 $ / LUM (Lumino Coin)
Reserve 11,760,000
Min Cap 10,000,000
Hard Cap 40,800,000
Minimum ITO Contribution (individual) 0.05 ETH


Q3-Q4 FY18
Whitepaper / Business idea drafted
Network with possible partners (3rd parties)
Set up core functions and recruit for immediate needs
Develop a company website
Develop ITO Token
Initiate recruitment for marketing campaigns

Q1-Q2 FY19
Finalize the Company Website / ITO Portal with functionalities to support ITO
Work on ITO preparation
Finalize ITO Support team (Marketing Channels)
Work on Core Technical Architecture Solution
Work on Technical Whitepaper
Formalize Advisory Board
Engagement with 3rd Party partner / legal agreements
Prep for PILOT ITO
Legal DCI model PoV
Technical POV (Proof of Value)
Advisory Board Finalization
Demo Ready to be released
The legal entity set up

Q3-Q4 FY19
ITO Pilot & Resource Funds (Seeds Funding)
Recruitment of additional function roles
Partnership with Institutional Investors
ITO Pre-Sale / Bounty Program Preparation
ITO Pre-Sale Launch
ITO Sale Preparation
Alpha Version DCI Released

Q1-Q2 FY20
Partnership with Institutional Investors and private
ITO Sale-1nch
Post-Sale Bounty Program
Release of token distribution to investors
3rd Party Continuous engagement
Marketing Advert
Beta Version Development
Beta DCI Version Released

Q3-Q4 FY20
ITO Pre-Sales Launch
ITO Sale Launch – second phase
Sales Team Recruited
Community feedback
Gamma DCI Version development and release
Delta DCI Version start development and release

Q1-Q2 FY21
Community Feedback
Update based on feedback
Lambda DCI Version start development
Lambda DCI Version Released
Omega DCI Version start development

Q2-Q4 FY21
Community feedback
Update based on feedback
Omega DCI Version Released

Token Distribution

ITO Pilot 10%
Pre-sale 20%
Sale 70%

Funds Distribution

The funds raised from the token sale will be utilized as follows:

Advisory 3%
Reserve & Bounty Program 22%
DCI Team 24%
Distributed Hard Cap 51%%

DigitalCryptoInvest (DCI) has the potential to become one of the most successful blockchain projects of the year. It is genuine and has a real demand in the
market. The token sale starts soon. Join now to know more.

Media Contact:

Telegram: @digitalcryptoinvest

Email: [email protected]

For more info visit 0ur website

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