The First 100X Coin Of Blackminer Algorithm Camp Is Born

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August 15, 2019
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August 15, 2019

The First 100X Coin Of Blackminer Algorithm Camp Is Born

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  Recently, one of the 34 coins supported by Blackminer which named BSHA3 suddenly burst in. The prices rose 119 times within one month, and it became the first 100X coin of all Blackminer Algorithms. This phenomenon not only triggered the pursuit and enthusiasm of many users for FPGA miner, but also triggered the thinking of whole industry about the positioning of FPGA miners.

  After the forking of DigiByte coin, Ethereum Classic announced that they would fork for FPGA in 2020. More and more cryptocurrency projects begin to accept and embrace FPGA miner, which is clear that FPGA mining will be an integral part of the mining industry in the future.

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