The Bitcoin Forum is 10 years old!

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The Bitcoin Forum is 10 years old today! The forum, originally a part of, was created by Satoshi and Sirius in 2009, Bitcoin's infancy. In the first few years, the Bitcoin community was both incredibly small and concentrated almost entirely to this forum; by the end of 2010, there were only 995 users with any posts, and this was the Bitcoin ecosystem. I have fond memories of reading every single post anyone made in these early days: IIRC, it was only sometime in 2011 when I was forced to give this up due to the volume of posts. Over the course of 10 years, Bitcoin exploded, altcoins appeared, the community expanded beyond just this forum to a large degree, and an awful lot happened here on the forum. But we're still operated with much the same moderation philosophy as our first admins Satoshi and Sirius 10 years ago: create a "territory of freedom", and let humanity happen.

I'm honored to be your head administrator, but I'm only a tiny part of the forum. The forum is and has been a collaboration between thousands of people, including:
 – Posters, who make the forum a forum
 – Reporters, merit-givers, and scam-fighters, who make the forum (somewhat) sane
 – Moderators and admins of the past & present, who keep things running smoothly
 – Donors, sponsors, and advertisers of the past & present, who fund our operations
Thank you, everyone, for your continuing contributions to this legendary forum! Let's try to somehow make the next 10 years even more interesting than the last.

Also check out:
 – The community-generated list of notable posts over the forum's 10 years. Until around the end of the month, you can also still vote on and submit these as well.
 – The 10th anniversary art contest, which received many incredible submissions. LoyceV created a page with the top-merited submissions. Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll create a separate post collecting the winning submissions once that's all figured out.
 – dannybrown's Bitcointalk game, an awesome interactive submission to the art contest.
 – 10th anniversary Coldkey.


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