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                                                     WELCOME TO THE AFFLICTOR PROJECT
                                                    The Afflictor best solution for digital world

The Afflictor coin aim is to implement Blockchain technology to E-commerce,Real Estate and all type of daily transactions.

                                     WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | FACEBOOK | TELEGRAM | TWITTER

                                                                                          Blockchain Transactions

Our cryptocurrency is based on ERC 20 technology it�s very fast and secure. you can use our coin globally and without any transaction limitations. There are very low fees for your all transactions and you can carry enough amount easily.


By our shopping portal payment you can complete your purchasing through blockchain technology. it will make easier shopping with us. We are offering sellers to sell products at a very low fee So they can provide good quality products at a reliable, cost So people can afford a good product at the best price.

                                                                                                  The Afflictor City

We are going to introduce an awesome project The Afflictor city. We will make a city with the highest technology. There will not allow any personal vehicle parking. People will Travel by a city vehicle, all Vehicle will run by electricity and it will be underground So anyone can walk in the city without fear and we can control the pollution of our city. Our full city will be under CCTV camera and the only authorized person can access the camera and track only their family members.


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