Testnet Kinesis Labs

  • Start: n/a
  • Deadline: n/a
  • Rewards: n/a

Partners: Orbital Apes, Axelar Network, Nomad Bridge, Celer Network

Kinesis — is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) on the EVMOS blockchain, optimized for trading value-linked crypto-assets with minimal slippage, such as Stable Coins. With Kinesis, all traders can exchange their Stable Coins between EVM-compatible blockchains and Cosmos chains. Kinesis provides efficient, fast, low-slippage swaps for traders and high returns for liquidity providers

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First, we add a test network EVMOS,
Go to Chainlist, connect the MetaMask, and turn on “Testnets” from the top

Now enter in the search EVMOS

And add Evmos Testnet in MetaMask

Next, we need test tokens, which we will need for further interaction with the platform.
Go to the website, enter MetaMask address, and get the test tokens Evmos

  • Please note that the EVMOS crane is periodically turned off for maintenance, if it is not working at the moment, try again in a few hours.

In addition, we need to request FRAX test coins.
Go to the site and search for the address of the FRAX coins (0x9f3A6b116efFc9736ff2dDeF39C160e6854fD59c)

Click on it (you will need to wait a little while)
Scroll down and press “Write Contract”

In the “Mint” window, enter the address (from MetaMask) and the number of tokens, namely 10000000000000000000000000 (yes! that’s needed) and click “Write”

So we’re done with the token requests, phew, now let’s start testing

Go to the site, connect the wallet

Swap 50 FRAX tokens to USDC (as on the screenshot)


Now go to the tab “Liquidity”

Select the first pool and press “Deposit”

Here we write the total of 50 (if there is no 50, but for example 48, then write 48) like this:


Now go back to “Liquidity” and click “Withdraw”

And we withdraw everything, just like we deposited it, only we withdraw it

After the withdrawal testnet is considered over)

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It remains only to wait for the rewards.

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with LOVE from Cryptonific🤍