Testnet Banksea

Banksea Public Testnet — 11.04.2022 opened a testnet. As for rewards for the testnet itself is not known, but for the found Bugs will be rewarded in the token KSE. The token is not trading yet.

Banksea has already raised investment amounts are not disclosed, but investors include Petrock Capital, Parrot, MEXC Global, Springwind Ventures, RioDefi, Solar Eco Fund, and others.

Let’s get to the execution:

First, download the Phantom extension: https://phantom.app/

In the settings change the network from “Mainnet Beta” to “Devnet”

Claim Test Tokens/NFT/SOL
Go to: https://faucet.banksea.finance/
Connect Phantom and claim everything in order

You can claim as many times as you like, but once is enough.

Connection and test:
Go to: https://devnet.app.banksea.finance/staking
Connect a wallet, deposit test coins KSE and NFT on balance

Withdraw all the KSEs and click the checkbox to withdraw the reward.

Do the same with the withdraw of the NFT.

That’s all, the test is over, then leave your Feedback, and if you found bugs, their too.
Fill out the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc-S7TFkPz8O3UOznbjtjvznSfbDQDxsUwOr0xgVgbbS-9cgQ/viewform

Deadline: 17 april

The official testnet article