Testnet Axelar – Full Guide – Role Rewards

  • Start 22.04.22
  • Deadline 24.04.22
  • Reward Role in Discord

AxelarSea is a universally interoperable marketplace for selling and buying NFTs on different blockchains (Cross Chain)

Buyers can pay for NFTs on any supported chain using a token from a completely different chain, and sellers can put NFTs up for sale on any supported chain, receiving payments on a different chain

Although the buyer’s payment is made in chain C, it will automatically be transferred to chain B via the Axelar network, at the request of the seller. The buyer does not have to own any assets/wallets in chain B

  • Learn more about the AxelarSea mechanism in this article
  • For more information on the project and a roadmap, check out their GitBook

The main task at this stage is to get the role of “Testnet v1 Tester”, which is what we are going to do now. Let’s get started!

Step 1

Install Metamask Wallet
Install Terra Station Wallet
Go to Chainlist, connect Metamask and add test networks:
Avalanche Fuji Testnet

Fantom Testnet


Ethereum Testnet (Ropsten)

This network in Metamask is in the box. If you do not have testnet — do the following:

Moonbeam Alpha Testnet

Network name: Moonbase Alpha Testnet

New URL-address RPC https://rpc.testnet.moonbeam.network

ID chain: 1287

Symbol: DEV

Block Explorer URLhttps://moonbase.moonscan.io

Step 2

  • Go to Discord
  • Go to#✅verify and verify
  • In the same branch, click on the button Join AxelarSea
  • Click Join
  • Follow the link to the site and connect Metamask

Step 3

Ropsten testnet faucet

Avalanche Fuji Testnet

Testnet Opera Faucet

Terra Testnet Faucet

Switching Terra Wallet to testnet

Moonbeam Alpha Testnet

  • Go to Discord Moonbeam in the branch #moonbase-faucet
  • Send message !faucet send <Metamask address>

Polygon Mumbai (if faucet empty >> link2)

Step 4

  • Go to page Create and create NFT
  • Select the network and click Submit
  • Signing a transaction in Metamask
  • Mint NFT on all networks one by one

P.S: Because of the problems that occurred when mining NFT on ETH and Polygon, only three networks now require mining — Avalanche Fuji TestnetFantom Testnet and Moonbeam Alpha Testnet

Step 5

  • Go to page Profile
  • Putting our NFT up for sale
  • Designate a price and click Complete listing
  • Go to page Explore and make sure that our NFT is definitely on the market, because it belongs there!
  • On the same page we find the NFT, for which we have enough test tokens
  • Buy it for UST or LUNA
  • Click Сonfirm and confirm the transaction in Terra Wallet

P.S: This action is marked as optional, but better done than not done. If something does not work during the purchase process, it is not critical, you can skip this step

Step 6

  • Click Testnet Check
  • Make sure that all items are fulfilled
  • Taking a screenshot of this window
  • Go to Discord in the branch feedback-testnet
  • If you found a bug — describe it. If all went well — write the original feedback, the address of the wallet Metamask and attach a screenshot to the message
  • Checking the profile for the role “Testnet v1 Tester