Tecra Space hi-tech tokenization platform. DEX, Tecra Stablecoin, TCR.

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Hello community  Smiley
We would like to present our new website https://tecra.space/ . Tecra Space is a place for investors and creators. This is basically the crowdfunding-tokenization platform that helps entrepreneurs, scientists, and technological projects to attract investments to develop their projects. On the other hand, it gives an opportunity for investors to fund innovative startups. The entire process of gathering the funds is conducted in a new way based on blockchain, tokens and smart-contracts. Investing in project is possible by exchanging TecraCoin for tokens of the selected project. Creator is getting paid by stablecoin.
More information about the platform you can find here: https://tecra.space/news/the-launch-of-the-tecra-space-tokenization-platform-beta

Even though it is a BETA version of the website we have already received plenty of project that want to be listed on the platform. By the end of 2020 MVP platform will be ready.

So what this platform offers and its terms?
For creators:
– listing hi-tech project and reaching the investors
– creating tokens for the project and selling it to investors, in this way you raise the funds
– Creators have to burn unsold tokens
– Your project is getting paid  after every milestone completed
After the project normally operates and generates the profit, the creator is obligated to buy tokens from the market.

For investors:
– buying project tokens
– voting for the which project to be listed on the platform
– can keep or sell project tokens on upcoming Tecra DEX

We invite you to visit our platform and tell us your opinion about that project.  Wink

Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/G0cfwFLm0ZgYwQenGrjuCg

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