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Tachacoin is a cryptocurrency that was folked from Bitcoin and Quantum coin which combines ethereum�s smart contract functionality with bitcoin�s security to create a coin that is suitable for adoption by businesses and ecommerce provided.
Tacha is a cryptocurrency platform that enables decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts to be developed and utilized. DApps work on mobile devices, and is compatible with most major blockchain ecosystems. We use our own Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) that enables blockchain setting modification through the use of smart contracts

Tachacoin is an open-sourced platform that merges Ethereum�s smart contract network with Bitcoin�s value transfer protocol. Its a fork of the QUANTUM coin. Tachacoin has an advantage in that it forked Bitcoin�s code to be compatible with Ethereum. Tachacoin benefits from the development community created for both, and application layers like the Lightning Network and Raiden Network can more easily be adapted. Tacha also uses an x85 Virtual Machine (VM) that supports a variety of development languages. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the highest-profile blockchain projects, Tacha took a very smart development shortcut for rapid, iterative improvements. Tachacoin blockchain uses PoS smart contracts, the major reason is that PoS is more energy efficient to mine cryptocurrency and provides a sleeker consensus at the expense of decentralization. This is how Tachacoin will be able to focus on mobile-first applications.

Tachacoin platform is compatible with existing Ethereum contracts as well as Bitcoin gateways. Tachacoin extends the bitcoin scripting language to work as a means to port code to the EVM Tachacoin version. This makes it possible to execute smart contracts and run decentralized applications simply and securely in environments that were previously inaccessible to creating entire chains, combining the endless possibilities offered by smart contracts with the stability and maturity of the bitcoin ecosystem. With tachacoin you can create your own coins/tokens

Decentralized Applications
With tachacoin, we enable enterprises to develop decentralized applications (DApp), using bitcoin technology to store transactions in each user's system, all transactions must be verified, and after verification there is no way to change them without alerting each user of the chain.

Creating A TRC20 Token
TRC20 is the implementation of a standard API for tokens within smart contracts on Tachacoin,basically it is the same as QRC20 and the ERC20

Advantages of Tachacoin

 Cryptocurrencies consensus mechanism which keeps the entire distributed network in sync, hence maintaining a distributed ledger while ensuring decentralisation. Bitcoin introduced the Proof of Work (PoW) system, this algorithm is a proven consensus mechanism that has made Bitcoin secure and trustworthy for 10 years now, since its inception in 2009. With PoW, comes its fair share of problems:
PoW wastes a lot of electricity, harming the environment. POW is in a race to solve the cryptographic puzzle and claim the prize, wasting enormous computer resources, corresponding to misuse of electrical resources as well.
PoW benefits greatly from economies of scale, so it tends to benefit big players the most, small participants in the network do not get to benefit at all. Most of the bitcoins being mined are coming from countries where electricity is cheap. PoW provides no incentive to use or keep the tokens, large accumulators of currencies based on PoW receive no incentive, same is true for those making a large number/volume of transactions.
PoW has some centralisation risks, because it tends to encourage miners to participate in the biggest mining pool (a group of miners who share the block reward), thus the biggest mining pool operator holds a lot of control over the network.
Proof of Stake was invented to solve some of the above mentioned problems, by allowing participants to create and mine new blocks (and thus also get a block reward), simply by holding onto coins in their wallet and allowing their wallet to do automatic �staking�. As the name suggests, a corrupt participant will be punished by losing all the staked coins.

Proof Of Stake was originally invented by Sunny King and implemented in Peercoin. It has since been improved and adapted by many other people. This includes �Proof of Stake Version 2� by Pavel Vasin, �Proof of Stake Velocity� by Larry Ren, and most recently CASPER by Vlad Zamfir, as well as countless other experiments and lesser known projects. Qtum uses �Proof of Stake Version 3�, an improvement over version 2 that was also made by Pavel Vasin and was implemented in the Blackcoin project.
Tachacoin uses the proof of stake version 3 as its algorithm

Why Proof of Stake V3

Wit PoS 3.0, you need to maintain your node online at all times, If you want to get your stake reward. People with not so many coins but who keep their node online will get stake reward relative to people who have a lot of coins but keep there node offline.

Bitcoin and Ethereum which are the most use coin in thw world are combined in Tachacoin. Tachacoin brings these highly tested and widely accepted blockchains together by incorporating features from both of them. Tachacoin can take advantage of both coins, and absorb improvements from their blockchains. Tachacoin is suitable with both the Lightning Network and Raiden, the buzzwords of scalability solution for blockchain.

Account Abstract Layer

The Account Abstract Layer serves as a point of contact between the Bitcoin protocol and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Smart contracts that previously could not be executed in mobile applications or storage devices, would in theory be possible because of the Account Abstract Layer. By stacking the AAL on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, a protocol of the Bitcoin network known as, �Simple Payment Verifications� (SPVs) can be accessed. The SPV protocol allows users to interact with a blockchain without having to download it. It is with the SPV protocol that tachacoin uses to power our lite wallet.

Aim of Tachacoin
The aim of of the project is to provide solutions to businesses by combining the best parts of the Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols. Tachacoin makes it easy to create token and coins

Security and Scalable UTXO Model
Bitcoin�s blockchain have UTXO model and Ethereum follows an account model. Tachacoin utilizes both technology

 You can easily create your token on tachacoin platform

Ticker: TACHA
Algo: SHA256/POS
RPC: 45551
P2P: 44450
Block time of ~120 seconds
Block size of 2MB
Maximum supply of 100 million
Confirmation: 501

website: https://tachacoin.tech
EXPLORER : https://explorer.tachacoin.tech/tachacoin-explorer
source code:  https://github.com/tachacoin/tachacoin
wallet: https://tachacoin.tech or from https://github.com/tachacoin/tachacoin/releases/tag/v0.18.1
discord: https://discord.gg/Mrh4FeX
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Telegram Channel
Buy TACHACOIN: https://forms.gle/h7CXngd5BouC5UWe9

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Team Members-Varified
1. Jawad arifin (Admin2/CEO/Marketer): He have been around for a long time promoting and marketing different cryptocurrecy-https://www.linkedin.com/in/jawad-arifin-18932ab4/
2. Pogoigha Tekeyo(main developer) Computer scientist graduate and one of the best in the team, she will be responsible for the next major tachacoin own folk-https://www.facebook.com/tekeyo.pogoigha
3. Aphunu Michael- (CEO/Admin)- Responsible for the daily activities of tachacoin-https://www.linkedin.com/in/edirin-aphunu-16052894/
4. Manik Ehhsan(admin3)-Professional Web developer, Digital Marketer,ICO & Block-chain project promotion expert-https://www.facebook.com/mohammad.manik.56
5. Not Verified

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tachacoin

Telegram https://t.me/Tachacoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Tachacoin/

Github: https://github.com/tachacoin/tachacoin/releases/tag/v0.18.1

Discord: https://discord.gg/Mrh4FeX

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