SweatCoin x NEAR APP earning for steps (new STEPN?)

Sweatcoin is a mobile app, for tracking steps. An off-the-shelf product from a London-based company that has been running for 4 years, has apps on iOS and Android, and, most recently, has partnered with the NEAR Foundation, to create its own token. Mining will get more and more complicated, just like with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so it is important to join as early as possible, especially if you missed out on STEPN. The SWEAT tokens can be spent at more than 300 stores, including Reebok and Sonos.

Investors: Goodwater led the $5.7mn Seed, back in 2018, with Greylock Partners, Rubylight, Seedcamp, SmartHub and Justin Kan — creator of Twitch. I also think they’ve put together another round, involving the NEAR Foundation, but haven’t announced it yet.

What to do.

  1. Join Discord.

2. Download the mobile app on the site (ref [Thank you], nonref), and start walking 10,000 steps every day. Every day 3 random rewards. You can activate Premium for $30 a year, for double the rewards and other bonuses.

STEPN is trading at $4 right now, with sneakers starting at $1,300. I’m in for sure )

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