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Hi everybody!
​​ℹ️ Belance Blockchain Platform got update today.
And We happy to introduce you new opportunities of  the platform🙌
We created unique promo-code for you yz1n-8qNP-82Mc🤞U can use this code ones on the platform. Catch it.
One use of promo-code is 5.000 ERC20 ~360$ 🔐
To activate promo-code – 1 question or post on the platform is needed (your idea about future of BTC, ETH or other coins you hold) 📌
Only for first 100 users limited for now so we can test it 🤝 Follow our news to keep in touch and not to miss next promo-codes and updates!
After you got lucky don�t forget to pm to the creator @Ownagez

Good luck to all of you ☘️

 Bounty in Twitter

 I created unique promocode yULI-7JQc-Twit = 500 #ERC20 ~40$ Use this code on my Belance Blockchain Platfrom.
 Create post on the platform to activate the code (your predictions about future of #BTC, #ETH)
 Amount of use code is limited, but 10 repost 😎 = 1 more activation 🤝

Airdrop ERC20 TOTAL : FREE 50.000.000 ERC20
STEP 1 – Join Telegram
STEP 2 – Join Twitter
STEP 3 – Comment in Ether Scan

Example for Bitcoin Talk

Telegram – @Ownagez
EMail – [email protected]
EtherScan http://disq.us/p/1zfymbk
Belance  – ownagezEX
Twitter – OwnageA
ETH Wallet – 0xc3761EB917CD790B30dAD99f6Cc5b4Ff93C4F9eA

Belance platform
Airdrop ERC20

Email: [email protected]
Partners: [email protected]  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AOwnagez

Telegram https://t.me/Ownagez

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