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If Bitcoin is the Internet of Money (a decentralized trustless network designed to bring financial independence to people worldwide without money having to go through any centralized control) and Ethereum is the Internet of Software (a platform for executing code and creating decentralized applications) , Stellar is an open-source, decentralized payment protocol that allows for fast, cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies.

What is StellarPay?
StellarPay is a digital token native to the Stellar Blockchain.This means you have complete control over your coins can send, receive, store, and trade SteallarPay. StellarPay is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.

What is XLB?
XLB is shorthand for StellarPay.Most currencies have 3-letter codes (USD, EUR, AUD, BTC,XRP,XLM,ETH) as an international standard XLB's starting price set at 0.1 XLM

How does Stellar�s blockchain work?
Transactions that take place on the Stellar network are added to a shared, distributed, public ledger, a database accessible by anyone worldwide. In order to reach consensus on transactions so quickly and accurately, Stellar uses its own unique consensus method.

How does Stellar�s consensus method work?
Stellar�s consensus method allows for fast and cheap transactions, with everyone on the network reaching agreement about transaction validity within a few seconds. Every participant (called a node) who helps add Stellar transactions to the global ledger chooses its own mini-network of other trusted participants that it agrees with. As long as these mini-networks (called quorum slices) overlap, the overall Stellar network can reach agreement about which transactions are valid and can be added to the ledger very quickly. You can read about how Stellar�s consensus mechanism works in greater detail in this article.

Where is the value of Stellar derived from?
Stellar is useful and valuable because it is a global exchange network, capable of hosting thousands of exchanges between currencies and tokens per second. Exchanging between cryptocurrencies and/or fiat currencies can be a lengthy and expensive process; Stellar makes exchanging swift and cheap. XLM, the asset that will be supported within the Blockchain Wallet, is used to pay transaction fees and maintain accounts on the Stellar network.

Why should we develop XLB? Volatility is a Problem
High volatility is amongst the biggest disadvantages of Bitcoin , Ethereum, Stellar and similar cryptocurrencies.It hinders it from becoming a means of storage and exchange of value on the global market.Seasoned traders may get high profits from speculating on exchange margins, yet the risks pertaining to uncontrollable price fluctuations scare rookie users and online businesses away from cryptocurrencies.

Code : XLB
Decimals : 7
Name :  StellarPay
Website :
Type of Platform :  Stellar
Total supply : 100.000.000 XLB
XLB Explorer :
Whitepaper :

A Total fixed supply of 100,000,000 (one hundred million) XLB shall be distributed periodically

StellarPay Bank Reserve : 30,000,000 XLB
StellarPay for Development : 20,000,000 XLB
StellarPay for Partnership : 20,000,000 XLB
StellarPay for direct sign up program : 10,000,000 XLB
StellarPay for Build challenge program : 10,000,000 XLB
StellarPay Public Sale : 10,000,000 XLB

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Stellarterm :

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