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                                                                                      STARWORKS GLOBAL LIMITED     
                                                                                                    Company Registration No:201910630Z Incorporated in Singapore

                 For generations, Bali�s sun-kissed tropical island paradise has been the jewel in the crown of Indonesia�s booming tourism industry and an important foreign exchange earner for the country.
Tourism feeds the real estate industry in Bali. A  report by Global Property Guide, released in February, estimates that 80 per cent of Bali�s economy depends on tourism and that there are approximately 30,000 expatriates living in Bali. This group, coupled with  rising investments by Indonesians and foreigners, resulted in �unprecedented property price increases and investment in business in Bali, both small traders and larger organizations in recent years�.

Founder of PT Island Concepts Indonesia Tbk, Graham Bristow, was  in Bali when things went a  little crazy. �Some  strategic areas, especially those on the edges of  tourism development in those days, such as Seminyak for  example, saw  property development and prices go through the roof. As much as 10 times in a  short space of time,� Bristow says.

Despite the eruption of Mount Agung, which affected tourist arrivals in the last three months of 2017, the  total  number of visitors to the island rose 15.62 per cent to 5.7 million, exceeding the official target of 5.21 million, data from the  Bali government shows.

Australia-based think-tank Future Directions International estimates that Indonesia�s foreign exchange earnings from tourism amounted to US$72.4 billion or about 6.2 per cent of the country�s economy in 2016, and according to the World Travel & Tourism Council, this makes Indonesia�s tourism industry the  22nd largest in the world.

Bali�s Investment Board is targeting investments worth at least 18 trillion Indonesian rupiahs or about US$1.3 billion for this year. The government is also  seeking to partner with private firms to build a US$2 billion airport in the North of Bali to improve air traffic with an additional capacity of 32 million  passengers.

Mainland Chinese investors have also shown interest in Bali. In April, Jakarta and Beijing signed five contracts worth US$23.3 billion as part of China�s Belt  and Road Initiative, according to The Jakarta Post. The projects include a US$1.6 billion joint venture to build a power plant in Bali.

There are obstacles facing Indonesia�s tourism industry such as poor infrastructure and the lack of investment required to fund the necessary  infrastructure projects. From 2015 to 2020, it was estimated that as much as US$520 billion is required to meet Indonesia�s overall infrastructure needs.

                                                                                      STARWORKS MISSIONS

Starworks mission is to establish internationally recognized products to support the Hospitality sector, growing them through the application of proprietary systems and blockchain technologies.

Starworks seeks to expand its footprint globally creating a network of territory based business partnerships.

                                                                   TOKEN NAME   : STARWORKS ECOSYSTEM
                                                                                TOKEN CODE   : STARX
                                                                                TOT SUPPLY     : 500 MILLION STARX
                                                                                PLATFORM       : ERC 20 (ETHEREUM)
                                                                                SMARTCONT    : 0x79d35f70119c1e780c16ede2d9ed682e4499515d

                                                                                      ICO  / IEO  OPEN SALE
                                                                                                        01 JUNE 2019 – 30 JUNE 2019

     PRICE  1 STARX = $0.50

PRESALE   : 13.000.000 STARX  DISCOUNT  25%
STAGE I    : 18.000.000 STARX  DISCOUNT  20%
STAGE II   : 23.000.000 STARX  DISCOUNT  15%
STAGE III  : 31.000.000 STARX  DISCOUNT  10 %
STAGE IV  : 35.000.000 STARX  DISCOUNT    5%

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