Stake TERN on BlockCard For The Best Crypto Debit Card

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Currently available in the United States; coming soon in 31 countries in Europe.
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How BlockCard Works

BlockCard�s virtual debit card is the only platform that allows you to actually stay in Crypto!
Sign up in minutes and start using your BlockCard as soon as your application is complete.

Cryptocurrency Debit Cards are growing in popularity.  Companies like BitPay, Wirex, and Ternio offer cards to crypto holders today, while companies like Binance and BlockFi are working on releasing their own.  This new breed of �Crypto Cards� offers convenience and accessibility for the cardholder, plus are often cheaper for the consumer when needing to convert to FIAT currencies.
Merchants also benefit by not having to accept cryptocurrencies with high volatility, but rather collect FIAT through leveraging the existing VISA or MasterCard payment systems.

The BlockCard is one of the most feature robust and versatile crypto debit cards on the market.
It is made by US-based company Ternio.  
BlockCard offers a number of interesting features, from the user onboarding process to functionality on the card.  
Consumer experience is very important as users want.

Unique BlockCard Features:

1. Instant Signup Approval.  Most crypto cards require the user to pass KYC review and BlockCard is no different, but there is no waiting for approval.  
You can have a virtual card in just a few minutes if you are approved.

2. Two unique cards.  Users get a virtual BlockCard upon approval, but also get a plastic card mailed to their house.
 All users get 2 cards and each has its own card number.

3. Mobile Pay.  Sync BlockCard with Apple, Google, or Samsung pay to use with your mobile phone or smartwatch.

4. Cash to Crypto.  Users can go to national retailers like Walmart or CVS to deposit cash directly onto their BlockCard to get cash into crypto.

5. The Best Rewards Program.  The BlockCard rewards program wins.  
 It offers unlimited 6.38% crypto back on all merchant spending.  The most rewards on the market.

TERN Staking for Crypto Back Rewards:

The BlockCard rewards program is the most generous on the market at up to 6.38% crypto back rewards.  Rewards programs are not new, but most have limits on the number of rewards a consumer can earn are often restricted to total dollar amounts or certain categories.  BlockCard enables users to earn crypto back rewards by staking TERN.   Users can earn 1% back by staking 30,000 TERN all the way up to 6% back by staking 145,000 TERN.

Three Ways to Load Your Blockcard

Whether it�s a cryptocurrency transfer, direct deposit, or reloading at one of the thousands of retailers, BlockCard has all the bases covered.


Apple & Google Pay Support


Deposit Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies into your BlockCard account.
Use anywhere that accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Retail Deposit Locations

Visit one of these locations (and many more) to load your card!


Currently, BlockCard supports 13 cryptocurrencies with more on the way!






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