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Software Developer: Java, AWS, ProfitTrailer, Binance

Overview: I need my Crypto Trading Bot (set up in Java) to be setup on top of AWS Lightsail and running with ProfitTrailer

– So I have a Crypto Trading Bot running on top of a 2012 Windows 12 Server. (See attachments below).
– Bot trades on Binance
– The bot is programmed AND receive signals from Profit Trailer Basic Edition here (
– Currently, the bot is running on top of Vultr but I want to move it to AWS Lightsail (I already have the machine set up). However, the .jar file (bot is built in Java) needs to be re-programmed to run on top of this AWS server. It is rather complicated with 200+ Java files. Essentially, it just needs to be reprogrammed with just the new IP address of my AWS Lightsail instance. Easier said than done though.

– Essentially, all you need to do is migrate my bot from Vultr to AWS Lightsail
– I am ALSO looking for an Infrastructure Engineer for the LONG TERM!
Location: Worldwide

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