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A consensus computer that provides provable answers without intermediary opinions

Built with the help of Cosmos-SDK / Tendermint / CUDA / Aragon / IPFS

Project Docs: ELI-5 | Homestead doc | White Paper |

Product: GitHub | The app |

Community: Telegram | Twitter | Forum |

What is Cyber?

Cyber is a consensus computer for answers that is managed by its users and its users and tokenholders without any jurisdictions. It is structured as an artificial intelligence in that it can provide answers to questions from the derived information the users teach it.

Currently there are two apps on top of cyber. A decentralized Google analogue and a decentralized twitter analogue. Both are open source and working.  Cyber is still in testnets. It's 100 percent open source and is meant to be governed by the community and it's users.

Apart from its own blockchain on top of which the consensus computer lies. There is an Aragon-based ETH DAO, which acts as a decentralized venture fund and bank for cyber. Hence separating money in ETH managed by the users and the state (the chain).

Cybers mission is to create a universal search mechanism to: (a) build an open semantic field of the internet with the help of blockchain technology and cyberlinks, and (b) provide more resistance to web services through decentralization of its infrastructure.

Cyber solves the problem of opening up the centralised semantics field of the internet. It does so by shaping an open and accessible semantics field, created (and managed) by the users. This allows to design a trustless, provable and incentivized method of communication between users who provide content and those searching for it. Effectively removing censorship, blackbox intermediary opinions and opening the possibility for a provable, incentivized and a fairer method for anyone to build and use online tools that are built around semantics.

The Bounty:

Please read the rules carefully to avoid any future misunderstandings!

What you will need to do and know before you start

1) Rewards work per first come, first served basis, unless otherwise stated in the task
Information about the results will be frequently updated on a public monitor

2) You will need a wallet. How to create one?
– Use Keplr. Here is an instruction. Its very easy. You need to create a cyber address, of course! This is the easiest way!
– Other ways
– Use cyber/dpos. What can it do . Only RU interface
– Cyber wallet generator . For advanced users

3) How to participate in the campaign?
– Create a wallet
– Read the tasks
– Follow the conditions
– Send a (free form) report to our Telegram channel along with the task you completed and you cyber address

General info

The proposal:

Allocate 10,000,000 EUL from the community pool to be used for social marketing purposes and distributing among participants that fulfill tasks

According to the Game of Links all comm pool tokens (EULs are canary tokens) will become CYB tokens on a 1 to 1 basis. This means you are getting 2 tokens. 1 at the end of the campaign and a mainet token after the launch of the mainet

EUL tokens are not traded on the open market, unless OTC

Allocation plan:
Manually allocate up to 10 million EUL (if not used return to comm pool) for fulfilled tasks
After mainnet launch, users will be allocated an equal amount of CYB

Time frame:
03/10/2020 – 01/11/2020 
This is due to the fact that the Game of Links is coming to its end and we need to make calculations

Via a public monitor

Other info:
Extension of time / extra funds, via governance proposals only

Tasks and rewards:

1) Star the following GitHub repos:
go-cyber, dot-cyber, congress, launch-kit, cyb
Reward: 1000 EUL tokens
Condition: Must star all 5 repos!

2) Add yourself to TG group & follow Twitter:
TG group , Twitter acc
Reward: 150 EUL tokens for each

3) Create a twit about cyber on Twitter:
Reward: 1000 EUL
Condition: must tag @cyber_devs on twitter. Must contain OVER 200 characters + picture
Bonus: + 1000
EUL if your twit is addressed at anyone (with a tag of their name) who has over 10k followers (can't just simply tag random people – twit must make sense or wont receive bonus). No more than 5 twits from one account. Twits from 1 account should be submitted within a space of 24 hours or wont be eligible for the reward

4) Create the next governance community spend proposal that will be accepted:
Reward: 25,000 EUL
Condition: The first 2 to be accepted will receive the reward. Must be a community spend proposal(!). ENIP proposals do not count

5) Video creation about cyber:
Reward: 25,000 EUL
Conditions:  Up to 60 seconds long! Must be about how to use Cyber. First 10 videos will receive a reward
6) Mem creation:
Reward: 500 EUL
Condition: Must be cyber related.  Can be gif/pic, etc.

7) Create cyberlink with blockchain theme:
Reward: 150 EUL
Condition: Must contain "blockchain" as a "from" or a "to" point. No limit. Each link will be checked. Must be submitted to the mainnet and have a timestamp after the start of the campaign. No more than 1000 cyberlinks can be submitted from any 1 account

8 ) Start a discussion topic on this forum:
Reward: 300 EUL
Condition: Must have at least 1 reply from another account. Must contain over 1000 letters. No more than 3 topics from 1 account. Discussions from 1 account should be submitted within a space of 24 hours each or wont be eligible for the reward

9) Bonus task: get a cyber tattoo: =)
Reward: 150,000 EUL
Condition: must be real with video proof
Please think before you attempt to do this

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