Si14 ICO

The international peer-to-peer sports betting exchange that allows you to place bets from player to player.
Unique software algorithms and created eco-system Si14.Bet – allows you to strengthen yourself in the international betting market and further take a leading position due to the quality of service and financial model of the company.
Si14 Token allows you to buy privileges on the exchange Si14.Bet in the form of discounts on commissions: – Gold account has a commission of 0.5% – Platinum account has a commission of 0.2% – Owner account has a commission of 0%.
Possibility to use tokens
Gold account has a commission of 0.5% – 1000 tokens
Platinum account has a commission of 0.2% -1500 tokens
API – 300 tokens per year
Strategy Automation Platform – 550 tokens per year
Owner account has commission 0% – 100.000 tokens
During the ICO period, Si14 tokens can be purchased in the user area. To do this, create an account or log in to an already created user account at
Holders of Si14 tokens get up to 100% discount on Si14Bet exchange fees. The clear benefits of token ownership ensure demand.
The exchange value of a Si14 token will be determined according to demand and supply. The more users the Si14Bet platform has, the more participants need Si14 tokens.

Token * Platform Si14 * Ethereum
Token price 1 Si14 = 0.8 USD
Registrar domain EPAG Domainservices GmbH
Domain reg * exp 2019-09-11 * 2020-09-11
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– Our odds are always fair
– We make payments according to the gain
– We verify a client once (no reverification)
The unique software algorithms and created Si14.Bet eco-system allow becoming strong in the international betting market and taking the lead at the expense of the service quality and financial company model in the future.- We provide quick withdrawal of client’s funds
– We have no account locks for unclear reasons
– We have no turnover requirements for withdrawal
– We have no sanctions against unwanted players
– We encourage “arbitration”, “forks” and position hedging
– We have large capacity of a maximum bet amount
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