“We are hiring ​Senior Solidity Developer ​who will be responsible for maintaining current Ethereum contracts, and will work with developers to implement new features and test out-of-the box technologies for viability Key Duties: ● Work with a team of expert developers to develop blockchain-based decentralized applications. ● Leading the development of smart contracts and the performance of blockchain integration with existing applications. ● Establish and maintain the environments in which blockchain solutions can be implemented, including development, testing, and production environments. ● Maintain a continuous integration pipeline for the development and testing of applications. ● Coordinate with the team to give the best business solutions with the help of blockchain tools and technologies. Qualifications: ● 2+ years with Solidity and Blockchain. ● Previous experience in the financial industry OR a strong mathematics background. ● Previous experience in DEFI (Decentralized Finance) environments, financial/trading, algorithms is a big plus. ● Previous experience with Security is a big plus​. Location: Remote, Company: Whitecollars,

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