“Everybody should have the right to decide about their data privacy – We enable it HOPR is an association, based in Zurich, working on the forefront of privacy. Our product, the HOPR net, lets consumers & companies around the world choose, for the very first time, to hide or disclose relevant metadata about themselves. We are building a decentralized network, which will incentivize private users to relay data and grow both the HOPR network and the broader privacy ecosystem. We are driven by great enthusiasm, to build public infrastructure in a free and open source environment. We believe this world can become a better place, if we work and grow together. HOPR was founded and seed funded in Spring 2020. We now have close to a dozen team members, most of them in Zurich, Switzerland and are continuing to grow. These first employees are a vital extension to our founding team, to bring our ambitious project to fruition. We are looking for the very finest, to become a part of our HOPR family. You can go to docs.hoprnet.org to learn more about the HOPR project and protocol. What you’ll be creating + working on: – Support early use cases and integrations of HOPR in the real world (we have a lot of them waiting for you) – this also entails architecture and development of SDKs, libraries and development toolchains that enable other developers to create private-friendly decentralised applications – Develop low-level network libraries, communication protocols, and the tooling around peer-to-peer connections using TypeScript on Node.js (and perhaps Rust in the future) alongside the popular library libp2p – Support and work with the community of developers, users, investors, enthusiasts who want to use HOPR – Have a look at the HOPR codebase at https://github.com/hoprnet What you bring to the team: – Communicative team player who can work with and lead a development team in a fast-paced environment – Desire to work on the future of privacy and trail-blaze the future of non-corporate work – An affinity to free and open source software and community-focussed development – Theoretical knowledge and practical experience with the internet protocol stack, minimally: DNS, HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP – Familiarity with common issues and mechanisms, minimally: proxies, NAT, firewalls, packet loss & retransmission, WebRTC – Minimally 5 years hands-on development experience delivering TypeScript/Javascript applications in production settings with CI/CD and automated testing pipelines We’d be even more amazed by: Ideally, a suitable candidate fulfils as much as possible from the following list (in order of relevance): – Experience with libp2p – Theoretical and practical knowledge of blockchain and crypto assets in general – Familiarity with Ethereum and the EVM – Layer 2 scaling solutions such as state channels on top of Ethereum – Ethereum tooling: Solidity, web3.js, Truffle, Ganache, OpenZeppellin – Motivation to communicate about your work: blogs, conferences, social media – Experience and curiosity to work for and on a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) and decentralised governance – Experience with Typescript, Rust – General knowledge around Google Cloud Platform This is what we offer you: – A young, dynamic + international team to work with – Flat hierarchies with space for you + your ideas – An encouraging atmosphere for clever minds – A fast-paced working environment in a Swiss association – A competitive salary + benefits like token allocation – Office in Zurich Seefeld Apply now + become a part of an ambitious team! Location: Zurich or remote, Company: HOPR,

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