[SCAVENGER HUNT] OMNITY.IO Data Source Scavenger Hunt – Earn up to 40 OM Tokens!

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Omnity.io Data Source Scavenger Hunt
The scavenger hunt will run until the end of the public token sale.
Earn up to 40 OM Tokens!!

You can join the scavenger hunt by filling out the following form:


Scavenger Hunt Rewards
-Submit 1 Data Source – 13.33 OM ($10 value)
-Submit 5 Data Sources – 26.66 OM ($20 value)
-Submit 10 Data Sources – 40 OM ($30 value)

Initiate a search in Omnity with a document

The How-To page (https://omnity.io/howto) explains how to initiate a search in Omnity.  If you have no documents on your computer that you�d like to use as a starting point for a search, there are plenty of PDFs on the web you might use.  Simply download a document from the web to your computer and then bring it into Omnity. If you need a sample document, click here: https://goo.gl/yP5Ewk

Data Sources – Current

To discover the sources we have, log in to Omnity.io and open the section "Filter Sources" in the left panel. You can see all of Omnity's data sources there.
Search Omnity, look at the results.  Change the visualization to see the data in different ways.  Click "Visualize Results" in the top right of the screen, select "Relevance," where the results are grouped by original data source.  That is another way to see Omnity's data sources.

To see the sources in the "Filter Sources" section *after* you have executed a search, switch back to the List Visualization, which is the default search results visualization.

Data Sources – What's Missing?

By now, you should be familiar with our document sources.  What other data source would you like to see in Omnity?  Think of a source for which it would be useful see semantic connections in Omnity.  Suggested data sources must be high quality, text-based, copyright-free, open-source, public domain content that does not exist currently in Omnity as of the date of submission.
Go to the website of the data source you've thought of, copy the url (url to API preferred), and paste it in this form, under "Data Source URL", below, along with Data Source Title. 

Example: Data Source Title: United States Patent Office,
Data Source URL https://www.uspto.gov/learning-and-resources/bulk-data-products

Learn more about the scavenger hunt here:



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