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 Roll Eyes   So they launched the Vibeo announcement thread on February 23, 2018 with all sorts of amazing promises:

It has been highlighted by many as a scam that was all hype intended to make money for its devs like 99% of other ICOs

All official website links, Twitter URL, Telegram… all are dead.

Just Reddit has a post saying they have partnered with "Coinexis" but when going to the "Coinexis" website it just brings up a WP template ICO page where "Coinexis" itself is raising money for an ICO. They have 112 members on their Coinexis Telegram chat at the moment. It is very convenient timing they "partnered with Coinexis" while "Coinexis" itself is trying to raise as much money as possible (many say for an exit scam).

It seems to many highly probable that the same team behind Vibeo scam are behind "Coinexis" which inevitably will be a scam too. Imagine making an announcement that a scam project that does not even have a working product (other than a chat app that you can get a coder from Philippines or India to make for maybe $250) is somehow "partnering" with another anonymous company nobody knows of that immediately wants you to part with more money in their company as soon as you land on their website.

And the company (Vibeo Ltd) was based in Bulgaria rather than Canada where the OP (ivo.vibeo real name Eric Sebastien Dechaux) claimed he was from  Roll Eyes

Their Medium does not even mention the "take over" and the last update was on Oct 11, 2018:

It seems the whole thing was a scam using template chat apps to demonstrate "technology" when the whole premise was to have an ICO just to make money for their own pockets.

When all website and social media links are dead and no announcements are made – that usually mean SCAM !

Hi, guys.
Could you explain a little bit about your team? For me it looks like only 2-3 people in it, all other just users what you bought in LinkedIn (it is easy to do), and change thier last work. Do you all stay in Bulgaria? Like your Founder from Canada, and I see some devs from east Russia. Yes, I don't trust you have 15 people in your team. Also all have one phone, but you wrote about 2 offices on your site.
Also I see that you register your domain in and it is Germany, and site don't have English version. So who knows German? I didn't see anyone in your team from Germany.
This project idea is good but I want to be sure that I'll give my money to people who want to create something but not who want just get money and disapear. Thanks.

Hi Max, I am Eric the founder of Vibeo.

You are totally wrong and I actually feel your post is offending to all my team who are working very hard on this project. We are indeed 15 people and the team will grow to 22 in the coming weeks. Let me answer your points:

-I invite you to contact each member of the team through LinkedIn to verify if they are working on Vibeo.
-Most of the team are from Bulgaria, except me, I am from Canada with grand parents from Bulgaria so I know this country very well. I ll be soon leaving Canada to take care of my team full time, our CCO Mira is also from bulgaria but she is actually living in USA. All my advisors are from different country except Kalin which is also from Bulgaria. I invite you to check my twitter feed, and you will see I am travelling a lot, even to personally meet with my advisors (actually very few people does that in the ICO field!).
-I don't have any dev from Russia, you are talking about Mikhail, he is not a dev but our sys admin, taking care of the entire infrastructure, I know him for many years and this is someone I trust, he is 100% part of Vibeo team.
-We have indeed 2 offices, one is the main office and one is the development office, we partnered with LimeChain in Sofia. Some people are working remotely but all from Bulgaria. We will have everybody in the same office after the ICO.
-I haven't registered my domain on the website you've mentionned, we own different domain for vibeo including, and (highly valuable domain) but only is active and linked to vibeo app project.
-Rest assure that if you want to invest in vibeo you are investing in a good ico, we already have a minimal version of vibeo app available on AppStore and Google Play, we will soon announce our first partnership, our team is fantastic, so do your own due diligence Max but I ll ask you to stop spreading false information about my company otherwise I ll contact the moderator.


Do you guys have more updates regarding the team members?

Hi, what do you mean more updates about the team members? Please feel free to reach anybody in the team if you want more information. After the ICO we plan to hire 6/8 new people, mainly developers.

Eric-S�bastien D�chaux

Kalin Tsekov

Miroslava Ivanova

Angelina Borisova

Blockchain developer
Cristian Veselinov

Sys Admin
Mikhail Sidorov

Blockchain developer
George Spasov

Blockchain developer
Nick Todorov

iOS Dev
Amarbat Oyunbileg

Social Media
Aleksandra Marinkova

Social Media
Ivo Dimchev

Compliancy Advisor
Jared Polites

Technical Advisor
Amarpreet Singh

Legal Advisor
Simon Choi

Marketing-Funding Advisor
Ian Scarffe

Advisor Korean market
Hank Shin

Advisor Russian market
Ilya Anikin


This is the last post from the dev and OP on September 19, 2018:

Vibeo Ltd. is proud to announce today that has authorized Vibeo to use their public API to gather information about registered merchants accepting crypto-currencies as a mean of payments. Vibeo will have access to potentially 13,244 worldwide venues already available on Coinmap. We intend to contact them all and offer them the possibility to get registered on Vibeo interactive map. With Gotakimaps as the technical architecture background (Ethereum based dapp) along with Dataeum and Coinmap to collect and use data, Vibeo is building a powerful geo-localized blockchain map with highly rich contents. Vibeo is actually running it's ICO, available at

Link to announcement:



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