“Ezil.me, a TOP-15 ETH mining pool has set a goal to enter TOP-5 in 2021 and is looking for excellent Sales and BizDev Managers. A proven sales experience in mining or blockchain in general is required, as well as an excellent knowledge of English. Excellent Chinese language or direct contacts with miners are a great advantage, the other languages are an advantage as well. Goals: Contacts with key clients aimed to keeping them and increasing the number or their equipment connected to the pool Managing potential clients, answering their questions and leading the deals to closing Independent development of additional sales channels, search for miners Maintaining statuses in the CRM A full-time remote job. The compensation is a fix + a % from sales, at or above the market level. Super bonuses for very large clients. The payments will be made in USD or USDT, according to your wishes. Our pool is rapidly growing due to the profitable mining strategies, for example ETH+ZIL or MEV, that is why this is an excellent chance for the growth of your income. We buy a lot of traffic, do PR and blogger relations, this enables a 20-30% growth per month. Your income will grow every month, depending on the inflow of the new clients from you and their retention. Location: Remote, Company: Ezil.me,

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