SafePal Wallet Holder Offering X Tokocrypto Airdrop

Our members that joined previous SafePal airdrop has received 85 SFP (now its worth $230) for each users without a referral.

So, if you miss previous SafePal airdrop, you can join Round 2 airdrop

Remember that SFP already Listed on Binance and SafePal is Partnered with Binance

Nothing to worry about.

Must Enter referral code for bonus~ 👉 Y1ZWY5MG 👈 MANDATORY ✅

[1]. Download the latest SafePal App & and create software wallet

[2]. Follow Tokocrypto & SafePal on Twitter

[3]. Retweet the official announcement of SafePal x Tokocrypto WHO Airdrop along with your unique referral code.

Now open Safepal &Wallet Holder Offering DApp, paste your RT link into space, and click ‘Complete’

[1]. Now go to 10% Share
[2].Enter referral code for bonus~
👉 Y1ZWY5MG 👈 MANDATORY ✅ Click 2 Copy
[3]. Click claim now

[1]. Open Bot ~ @SFPSam_bot
[2]. Send your code like this ( ~
[3]. Back to Safepal & click “Claim Now”

Full details ~

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