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In the past two weeks, the Ruffchain team has focused on testing the internal testing of the network, and then in the development of the general order middleware system for the blockchain business, and the internal usable state has been completed. The following is the complete biweekly report for this issue:

Development Progress
Ruff Chain:

-Design token swap protocol
-Reset testnet

RuffChain Order Middleware System

– Order middleware has been completed for inbound delivery

Business dynamics

-Ruff and Zhijiang Laboratories have completed the cooperation intention of the Industrial Internet high-performance computing platform. The Zhijiang Lab is an innovative enterprise jointly funded by Alibaba and Zhejiang Province, and it is committed to researching cutting-edge applications in all aspects of AI artificial intelligence and project landing;

Hot events

1.RuffChain test network internal test follow-up
On January 31, 2019, Beijing time, RuffChain officially launched the test network test, the test version is RuffChain Testnet Preview, and provided Shepherd CLI tool for developers to use.
According to the test feedback of the past month, the problems have mainly focused on the token transfer operation and the creation of the token. There are no other bugs.
In the future, in terms of testing network optimization, RuffChain will focus on two pieces:
CLI experts to set authentication expiration to protect wallet security.
The problem of better implementation of random numbers in contracts

Community Access Address

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