Ruff Chain bi-weekly reports. | Feb.27th-Mar.13th

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Ruff Chain bi-weekly reports. | Feb.27th-Mar.13th

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Ruff Chain bi-weekly reports.
 | Feb.27th-Mar.13th

During the past of two weeks, Ruff chain was getting ready for publishing the  network testing results which included the stability of networks and the speed  of block output, etc.. As for business, the IOT+AI Face Tracking Module has already step into a stage named the application of Demo model. The following is bi-weekly reports.

Development progress

Ruff Chain:

-Implement  Smart token with Bancor algorithm
-Verify node-voting mechanism

RuffChain CLI

-Add token issue, transfer, swap for smart token
-Add voting
-Add mortgage

Business Dynamics

-Ruff is launching the Face Tracking Module direct at IOT+AI field based on IOT+ Machine learning skills that can implant the original complex l AI algorithm into a 35mm*42mm chip module. The AI chip provides neural network computing with the capacity for machine vision and speech recognition .The costs of this module can decreased less than hundreds to provide a wide range of promotions including application scenarios such as smart home (smart entrance guard, smart door lock, audio, etc.), intelligent manufacturing and agriculture, intelligent transportation,and intelligent security as well .

Hot Events

1. The Ordered Middleware OF Block Chain Business was officially on the road shows.
-The 2019 �STARTUP IN SHANGHAI� International innovation and entrepreneurship events as well as International innovation and entrepreneurial competition ( referred as � the competition�)  was successfully held by �Cloud& Mobile Technology Incubation Program�-Cloud& Mobile Technology Incubation Base(Kung Fu International Incubator) in ZHANGJIANG International Harbor, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, on BEIJING time of March 7th. The decentralized order middleware based on EOS carried by Ruff attracted much attention from media and judges as well.

-DOME stands for �Decentralized Order Middleware EOS�. Literal translated as  the decentralized order middleware based on EOS. A common order system combined with characteristics of EOS by means of analyzing and abstracting the orders in block chain transaction can be used to many block chain transaction scenarios.

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