-Organise research schedule

-Create and keep a spreadsheet with all the upcoming developments for all major chains, including DOT parachain auctions, hyped BSC presales and any other large developments.

-Create spreadsheet of upcoming developments in the schedules of low cap projects that are listed on binance.

-Some Biz dev work mainly concentrating around making inquiries about presale allocation. Eventually (when the fund  has been launched in Q2) there will be the possibility for an exapansion of the role into fulltime business development sphere.

The potential for advancement is almost unlimited as you will be the 1st employee in a nascent organisation that will aim to take large % of new projects supplies as well as stakes in real-world ventures (initally in the medical industry)


You can contact me on Telegram @MDaSilva with your CV if you wish.


Location: Remote, Company: ,

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